5th Helmholtz International Summer School - Workshop
Dubna International Advanced School of Theoretical Physics - DIAS TH

  Calculations for Modern and Future Colliders
July 23 - August 2, 2012, Dubna, Russia

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Russian Foundation for Basic Research     Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics


T. Hahn  (Max-Planck-Institut fur Physik, Munich, Germany)
"Symbolic and numeric programming in HEP" (Lectures & Examples)
J. Henn  (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA)
"New methods and results for scattering amplitudes" (Parts I and II, Part III)
F. Jegerlehner  (Humboldt Universitat, Berlin, and DESY, Zeuthen, Germany)
"Anomalous magnetic moment of muon" (Part I, Parts II and III)
V. Kim  (Polytechnic Inst., and INP, St.Petersburg, Russia)
"Introduction into GLAPD- and BFKL- evolutions of Perturbative QCD"
S. Moch  (DESY, Zeuthen, Germany)
"QCD studies and Higgs searches at the LHC" (Part I, Part II, Part III)
M. Muehlleitner  (KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany)
"Composite Higgs and SUSY Physics at the LHC"
A. Nisati  (Rome, Italy)
"Physics at LHC"
F. Piccinini  (Universita di Pavia, and INFN, Pavia, Italy)
"Precise theoretical predictions for Drell-Yan processes at hadron colliders"
(Part I, Part II, Part III)
S. Riemann  (DESY, Zeuthen, Germany)
"High energy linear e+e- collider projects" (Part I, Part II)


A. Bakulev (BLTP JINR, Russia)
"Recent results in resummation approach in analytic QCD"
A. Belyaev (Southampton Uni., UK)
"CalcHEP and HEPMDB: practical introduction and tutorial"
L. Bork (ITEP, Russia)
"Form factors in N=4 SYM"
V. Bytev (BLTP JINR, Russia)
"Differential reduction of generalized hypergeometric functions in application to Feynman diagrams. HyperDire project"
I. Cherednikov (BLTP JINR, Russia)
"Evolution of cusped light-like Wilson loops and dynamical equations in the loop space"
A. Davydychev (SINP MSU, Russia)
"Infinite sum of four-point ladder diagrams"
M. Dolgopolov (Samara Uni., Russia)
"1. Loop Integrals and applications for extended Higgs potentials reconstructions. 2. Renormalization and Gauge invariance in Standard Model extensions."
A. Dubinin (Saratov Uni., Russia)
"Dynamics of Impulse distributions of vacuum exitations in focal strains of modern super-power lasers colliding beams"
Y. Dydyshka (NCPHEP, Belarus)
"Electroweak radiative corrections to the Drell-Yan process."
A. Grozin (BINP, Russia)
A. Isaev (BLTP JINR, Russia)
"Conformal group: R-matrix and star-triangle relations."
M. Kalmykov (Hamburg Uni., Germany)
O(α αs) corrections to yukawa-top and Higgs self-coupling"
A. Kataev (INR, Russia)
"Conformal symmetry and scheme (in)dependence of high order corrections to the generalized Crewther relation in QED"
M. Kompaniets (St.-Peterburg Uni., Russia)
Multiloop calculations in normalization point scheme"
D. Kostunin (Irkutsk Uni., Russia)
The decays ρ → η π and τ →η π ν in the extended NJL model"
A. Kotikov (BLTP JINR, Russia)
"Low x behavior of parton densities"
N. Krasnikov (INR, Russia)
"Confidence intervals in frequentist and Bayes approaches "
M. Lanina (Saratov Uni., Russia)
"Passage of the magnetostatic wave propagating through the lattice on the basis of the magnon crystal"
R. Lee (BINP, Russia)
New results and tools of DRA method"
V. Makarenko (NCPHEP, Belarus)
"Using the ALHEP program for calculation of one-loop radiative corrections"
N. Makhaldiani (LIT JINR, Russia)
"Renormdynamics and multiparticle production"
K. Meduri Chakravartula (DESY, Germany)
"QCD corrections in the extra dimension searches at the LHC"
S. Mikhailov (BLTP JINR, Russia)
"Comparing different trends of the data for Pion-photon transition form factor"
M. Nefedov (Samara Uni., Russia)
"Angular Distributions of Drell-Yan Dileptons in the Parton Reggeization Approch"
M. Nekrasov (IHEP, Russia)
"Numerical simulations for W-pair production and decay in modified perturbation theory in NNLO"
A. Nesterenko (BLTP JINR, Russia)
"The effects due to hadronization in the inclusive tau lepton decay"
A. Patrushev (London Uni., Canada)
"On determining the Running Coupling from the Effective Action"
E. Petrova (Samara Uni., Russia)
"Bifurcation sets of the Higgs potential"
G. Pivovarov (INR, Russia)
"New perturbation theory for gauge theories"
V. Radescu (DESY, Germany)
T. Riemann (DESY, Germany)
"Tensor reductions for Feynman integrals"
R. Sadykov (JINR, Dubna, Russia)
"Final-state QED radiation in single W and Z production"
A. Sapronov (JINR, Dubna, Russia)
"Monte-Carlo integrator MCSANC-v1.0"
E. Shcherbakova (Hamburg Uni., Germany)
"Z boson production in Drell-Yan process"
A. Shipilova (Samara Uni., Russia)
"b-jet production in the Regge limit of quantum chromodynamics"
A. Smirnov (SRCC MSU, Russia)
"Geometric approach to asymptotic expansion of Feynman integrals"
V. Smirnov (SINP MSU, Russia)
"Evaluating five-loop Konishi in N=4 SYM"
P. Starovoitov (DESY, Germany)
"A posteriori inclusion of parton density functions in NLO QCD final state calculations"
O. Tarasov (JINR, Russia)
Dimensional recurrences and functional equations for Feynman integrals"
A. Trunin (Samara State Aerospace Uni., Russia)
"Relativistic description of the pair charmonium production at LHC"
E. Uglov (JINR, Dubna, Russia)
"Zγγγ→0 processes in SANC"
O. Veretin (Hamburg Uni., Germany)
"Higgs Boson Decays through the Order O(α αs)"