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Supersymmetries and Quantum Symmetries – SQS'19

August 26-31, 2019 – Yerevan, Armenia

List of participants


Name Surname Institution City, Country Title of talk
MasoumehAali-JavanangrouhAzarbaijan Shahid Madani UniversityIran
KonstantinAlkalaevLebedev Physical InstituteMoscow, RussiaConformal blocks with heavy background operators
ArmineAmekhyanYerevan Physics InstituteArmenia
ZahraAmirabiEastern Mediterranean UniversityCyprus
CarloAngelantonjUniversity of TorinoItalyThe Geometry Behind Topological Amplitudes
DionysiosAnninosKing's College LondonUnited Kingdom
GlebArutyunovHamburg UniversityGermanyHyperbolic spin Ruijsenaars-Schneider model from Poisson reduction
Alex S.ArvanitakisImperial College LondonUnited KingdomThe L_infty algebra of the S-matrix
MohammadAtazadehAzarbaijan Shahid Madani UniversityIranDGP brane cosmology, gravitational baryogenesis
IlyaBakhmatovAsia Pacific Center for Theoretical PhysicsRepublic of KoreaGeneralized Yang-Baxter deformations in d=11 supergravity
IgorBandosIkerbasque & UPV/EHUSpainOn supermembranes and domain walls in D=4 supersymemtric theories
GlennBarnichUniversité libre de BruxellesBelgiumCharged black body radiation
SergeyBarseghyanMoscow Institute of Physics and TechnologyDolgoprudny, Russia
ThomasBasileKyung Hee UniversityRepublic of Korea
SergioBenvenutiInternational School for Advanced StudiesItalyGauge theories in 2+1d: dualities and large Nf expansion
EricBergshoeffVan Swinderen InstituteThe NetherlandsNon-relativistic string theory
MarcoBianchiNiels Bohr InstituteDenmark
ArthurBorlakovBLTP JINR & MIPTDubna & Dolgoprudny, Russia
NicolasBoulangerUniversity of MonsBelgiumDuality and Interactions for partially-massless spin-2 fields
IosephBuchbinderTomsk State Pedagogical UniversityTomsk, Russia
CestmirBurdikFNSPE CTU in Prague & BLTP JINRCzech Republic & Dubna, RussiaNested Bethe ansatz for RTT algebras so_q(2n) type
AlexanderBurinskiiNSI Russian Academy of SciencesMoscow, RussiaSpinning Kerr's Gravity and Supersymmetric Model of Nonperturbative Unification
MartinCederwallChalmers University of TechnologySwedenExtended geometry and tensor hierarchy algebras
AthanasiosChatzistavrakidisRudjer Boskovic InstituteCroatiaHigher Sigma-Models & Non-geometric Fluxes in String and M theories
FranzCiceriAlbert Einstein InstituteGermany
RobertCoquereauxCentre de Physique ThéoriqueFranceHoneycombs and polytopes: another look at representation theory
FranciscoCorreaUniversidad Austral de ChileChile
FarhadDarabiAzarbaijan Shahid Madani UniversityIranf(T) quantum cosmology
Bernardde WitInstitute for Theoretical Physics, Utrecht UniversityThe NetherlandsSupersymmetric localization with dynamical boundaries
HovhannesDemirchianByurakan Astrophysical ObservatoryArmenia
DeralCeren AyşeBogazici UniversityTurkey
AlexeiDeriglazovFederal University of Juiz de ForaBrasilDeviations from geodesic motion in Kerr space due to spin
VyacheslavDidenkoLebedev Physical InstituteMoscow, RussiaHigher order HS vertices
VladimirDobrevINRNE BASBulgaria
BurkhardEdenHU BerlinGermany5-point functions from AdS/CFT integrability
AlexanderElashviliRazmadze Mathematical Institute of I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State UniversityGeorgiaCyclic elements in Simple Lie Algebras
AlirezaEsmaeiliIsfahan University of TechnologyIran
OlegEvninChulalongkorn University & International Solvay InstitutesThailand & BelgiumSuperintegrable quantum mechanics and resonant spacetimes
SergeyFedorukBLTP JINRDubna, Russia
DarioFranciaEnrico Fermi Center & Roma Tre UniversityItaly
OlgaGelfondLebedev Physical InstituteMoscow, Russia
AshotGevorkyanInstitute for Informatics and Automation Problems & Institute of Chemical Physics, NAS of ArmeniaArmenia
AlexanderGorskyInstitute for Information Transmission ProblemsMoscow, RussiaBands and gaps in Nekrasov partition function
DimitriGourevitchValenciennes UniversityFranceQuantum matrix algebras: a review
MaximGrigorievLebedev Physical Institute & ITMP MSUMoscow, RussiaGauge theories as Q-bundles
MonicaGuicaIPhT CEA SaclayFrance
TigranHakobyanYerevan State UniversityArmenia
VahidHosseinzadehInstitute for Research in Fundamental SciencesIran
EvgenyIvanovBLTP JINRDubna, Russia
AlexeiIsaevBLTP JINRDubna, Russia
VictorKacMITUnited StatesPoisson vertex algebras and integrable systems
GeorgiosKaragiannisRudjer Boskovic InstituteCroatiaAction construction and electric-magnetic duality in the framework of graded geometry
DavidKarakhanyanYerevan Physics InstituteArmeniaOn the representations of orthogonal and symplectic Yangians
DmitriKazakovBLTP JINRDubna, Russia
HrachyaKhachatryanInternational School for Advanced StudiesItalyQED's in 2+1 dimensions: complex fixed points and dualities
ErikKhastyanYerevan State UniversityArmenia
HovhannesKhudaverdianUniversity of ManchesterUnited KingdomThick morphisms, higher brackets and canonical transformations in classical mechanics
ArthemyKiselevBernoulli Institute for Mathematics, CS and AIThe NetherlandsThe Kontsevich graph orientation morphism revisited
NikitaKolganovBLTP JINR & MIPTDubna & Dolgoprudny, RussiaGeneralized unimodular gravity: symmetries and cosmological perturbations
SemyonKonsteinLebedev Physical InstituteMoscow, RussiaConnection between ideals generated by traces and by supertraces in the superalgebras of observables of Calogero models
NikolayKozyrevBLTP JINRDubna, Russia
SergeyKrivonosBLTP JINRDubna, RussiaSupersymmetric Calogero models
SergeiKuzenkoUniversity of Western AustraliaAustraliaGeneralised Fayet-Iliopoulos terms in supergravity
PetrLavrovTomsk State Pedagogical UniversityTomsk, RussiaGlobal (super)symmetries in covariant BRST quantization
OlafLechtenfeldLeibnitz Universität HannoverGermanyFrom Yang-Mills in de Sitter space to electromagnetic knots
TaejinLeeKangwon National UniversityRepublic of KoreaTachyon Condensation and String Scattering Amplitudes
DimitryLeitesNew York University Abu DhabiUnited Arab EmiratesWhy there are no N-extended supersymmetric integrable systems for N greater than 4
VictorLekeuUniversité Libre de BruxellesBelgiumThree-dimensional conformal geometry and prepotentials for four-dimensional fermionic higher-spin fields
FarhangLoranIsfahan University of TechnologyIranOne particle states in curved spacetimes
JerzyLukierskiInstitute of Theoretical Physics, University of Wrocław & BLTP JINRPoland & Dubna, RussiaQuantum deformations of twistors
SimonLyakhovichTomsk State UniversityTomsk, RussiaQuantization of the systems with unfree gauge symmetry
RubenManvelyanYerevan Physics InstituteArmenia
ChrysoulaMarkouMPI MunichGermanySuperbigravity
AlessioMarraniEnrico Fermi CenterItalyThe Freudenthal Map and new groups of type E7
S. HabibMazharimousaviEastern Mediterranean UniversityCyprusSchrödinger equation in topological defects space-time
BorisMerzlikinTomsk State Pedagogical UniversityTomsk, RussiaEffective action in 6D, N=(1,1) SYM theory
RubenMinasianIPhT CEA SaclayFranceAnomalies, inflows and more
DelaramMirfendereskiBogazici UniversityTurkeyTwist on multicenter black holes
ZahraMirzaiyan DehkordiIsfahan University of TechnologyIranA progress report on the Subleading Soft Graviton
NikitaMisunaLebedev Physical InstituteMoscow, RussiaOn unfolded off-shell formulation for higher-spin theory
KarapetMkrtchyanAlbert Einstein InstituteGermany
RubenMkrtchyanYerevan Physics InstituteArmeniaUniversality and quantum dimensions
TatevikMkrtchyanYerevan State UniversityArmenia
KevinMorandSogang UniversityRepublic of KoreaUniversal deformations of symplectic Lie-n algebroids
EdwardMusaevMoscow Institute of Physics and TechnologyDolgoprudny, RussiaThe different faces of branes in Double Field Theory
FezzehNaderiAzarbaijan Shahid Madani UniversityIran
ArmenNersessianYerevan Physics Institute & BLTP JINRArmenia & Dubna, Russia
StamatiosNicolisInstitut Denis PoissonFranceSupersymmetry and deterministic chaos
ElenaOgievetskyCenter of Theoretical PhysicsFrance
OlegOgievetskyCenter of Theoretical PhysicsFranceExtremal configurations of solids and the Morse theory of distance functions
BurtOvrutPennsylvania UniversityUnited States
AnnaPacholQueen Mary University of LondonUnited KingdomIntroduction to the noncommutative digital differential geometry
CihanPazarbasiBogazici UniversityTurkey
ValentinaPetkovaINRNE BASBulgariaAnalytic expression for the octagon form factor in N=4 SYM theory
MichelaPetriniSorbonne UniversitéFranceNew consistent truncations from generalised geometry
ArpinePiloyanYerevan Physics InstituteArmenia
RubikPoghossianYerevan Physics InstituteArmenia
GeorgePogosyanYerevan State University & BLTP JINRArmenia & Dubna, RussiaElliptic bases for Zernike system
TodorPopovINRNE BASBulgariaPseudo-plactic algebra and categorification of snakes numbers
SeverinPostaCTU in PragueCzech Republic
AlexanderProvorovBLTP JINR & MIPTDubna & Dolgoprudny, Russia
AlexandrReshetnyakISPMS Siberian Branch Russian Academy of SciencesTomsk, RussiaBRST-BFV and BRST-BV Lagrangian formulations for HS fields with continuous spin on Minkowski spaces
AsgharRezaeiIsfahan University of TechnologyIran
AdelRezaei-AghdamAzarbaijan Shahid Madani UniversityIranIntegrable sigma models with geometric structures
FabioRiccioniINFN Sezione di Roma La SapienzaItalyA new look at the exotic supergravity theories in six dimensions
IzzetSakalliEastern Mediterranean UniversityCyprusEntropy/Area Quantization of Schwarzschild-like Black Holes in Bumblebee Gravity Model
MarineSamsonyanYerevan Physics InstituteArmenia
BahtiyarSarıoğluMiddle East Technical UniversityTurkey
GorSarkissianBLTP JINRDubna, RussiaOn properties of parafermionic hyperbolic gamma functions
GeorgeSavvidyDemokritos National Research CentreGreeceChromomagnetic Gluon Condensate and Cosmological Constant
AlexeySharapovTomsk State UniversityTomsk, RussiaAlgebraic Deformation Theory and Higher Spin Interactions
ShahinSheikh-JabbariInstitute for Research in Fundamental SciencesIranHolographic integration of TT-bar deformations
SekiShigenoriDoshisha UniversityJapanSine-square deformation and string field theory
SunyoungShinSungkyunkwan UniversityRepublic of KoreaThree-pronged junctions on SO(2N)/U(N) and Sp(N)/U(N)
YakovShnirBLTP JINRDubna, Russia
HovhannesShmavonyanYerevan Physics InstituteArmenia
StepanSidorovBLTP JINRDubna, Russia
EvgenySkvortsovAlbert Einstein Institute & Lebedev Physical InstituteGermany & Moscow, RussiaHigher Spin Gravity and Three-dimensional Bosonization Duality
TimofeySnegirevTomsk State Pedagogical UniversityTomsk, RussiaOn massive higher spin N=1 supermultiplets in 4D AdS
VladimirSokolovLandau Institute for Theoretical PhysicsChernogolovka, RussiaIntegrable non-linear differential equations with matrix variables
KelloggStelleImperial College LondonUnited Kingdom
TigranTchrakianDublin Institute for Advanced StudiesIreland
StefanTheisenAlbert Einstein InstituteGermany
GeorgeThompsonICTPItalyChern-Simons Theory on a General Seifert 3-Manifold
AlessandroTomasielloUniversità di Milano-BicoccaItalyHolography, Matrix Factorizations and K-stability
ArkadyVainshteinUniversity of MinnesotaUnited States
DieterVan den BleekenBogazici UniversityTurkeyRenormalons in quantum mechanics
MikhailVasilievLebedev Physical InstituteMoscow, RussiaHigher-Spin gauge theories yesterday, today and tomorrow
YuriiZinovievInstitute for High Energy PhysicsProtvino, RussiaMassive higher spins in the frame-like multispinor formalism
GeorgiosZoupanosNational Technical University in AthensGreeceFrom Kaluza-Klein to Non-Commutative Gravity