Joint Institute for Nuclear Research


Achasov Nikolay     (Sobolev Inst. for Mathematics, Novosibirsk)
Quantum field theory and light scalar mesons

Alcaraz Francisco      (Inst. Fis. Sao Carlos, Univ. de Sao Paulo; Brazil)
Density functional formulation for quantum chains

Antonov Nikolai     (St Petersburg State University; V.A.Fock Institute of Physics)
Nonequilibrium critical behaviour in turbulent environment

Arbuzov Andrej     (BLTP JINR, Dubna)
Exclusive QED radiative corrections in NLO renormalization group

Arbuzov Boris     (SINP MSU, Moscow)
Volkov Mikhail     (BLTP JINR, Dubna)
Gluodynamics and chiral symmetric meson physics in nonperturbative QCD

Aref'eva Irina      (Steklov Institute of Mathematics RAS, Moscow)
TeV gravity at LHC, Hawking's chronology protection conjecture and renormgroup

Bakulev Alexander     (BLTP JINR, Dubna)
Resummation approach in (F)APT: How many loops do we need to calculate?

Banerjee Dhruba     (St. Xavier's College, India)
A renormalization group study of jump phenomena in non-linear oscillators

Belavin Alexander     (ITP RAS, Chernogolovka)
On the correlation numbers in Minimal Gravity and Matrix Models

Bordag Michael     (ITP, Leipzig University, Germany)
On the renormalization in singular background fields

Broadhurst David John     (The Open University, UK)
Taming the combinatorics of renormalization

Chavleishvili Michail      (University "Dubna" & JINR, Dubna)
Symmetry, analitic propertis of amplitudes and "dispersion" Results

Cherednikov Igor      (BLTP JINR, Dubna)
Appications of RG methods to the analysis of gauge invariant TMD PDF's

Dorokhov Alexander      (BLTP JINR, Dubna)
Light-by-light scattering contirbution to aμ within instanton model

Ebert Dietmar     (Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany)
Are there gravitational contributions to the running Yang-Mills coupling?

Efremov Anatoly     (BLTP JINR, Dubna)
Recent developments in nucleon spin structure with focus on pretzelosity

Faustov Rudolf     (Dorodnicyn Computing Centre, Moscow)
Properties of light mesons in the relativistic quark model

Fialkovsky Ignat     (Saint-Petersburg State University)
On divergencies of the bulk Casimir energy

Folk Reinhard     (University of Linz, Austria)
Critical and bicritical dynamics (time scale ratios and shape functions)

Gerdt Vladimir     (LIT JINR, Dubna)
General computer algebra approach to systems of PDEs

Ginzburg Ilya     (Sobolev Institute for Mathematics SB RAS, Novosibirsk)
RG evolution of couplings in some complex systems

Hnatic Michal     (UEF SAV, Kosice)
Improved ε-expansion in theory of turbulence: inclusion of an infrared irrelevant operator as a way of summation of nearest singularities

Holovatch Yurij     (Institute for Condensed Matter Physics NASU, Lviv, Ukraine)
Towards coherent RG description of frustrated magnets

Honkonen Juha      (National Defence University, Helsinki)
Renormalization Group in Stochastic Hydrodynamics

Ivanov Mikhail     (BLTP JINR, Dubna)
Low-energy constants in ChPT

Jegerlehner Friedrich      (DESY Zeuthen and Humboldt University Berlin, Germany)
The Adler function testing renormalization schemes

Jurcisin Marian      (UEF SAV, Kosice)
Turbulent Dynamo in Anisotropic Helical Magnetohydrodynamics

Kamenshchik Alexander     (University of Bologna / INFN, Italy)
Quantum-field theoretical methods in cosmology

Kataev Andrei     (INR RAS, Moscow)
Renormalization Group and 5-loop QED corrections to (g-2)μ

Katanin Andrey     (Inst. of Metal Phys. Ekaterinburg)
Renormalization group studies of the two-dimensional Hubbard model

Komarova Marina     (St Petersburg University)
Large-order asymptotes of Kraichnan model with a 'frozen' velocity field: renormalization constant

Korchemsky Gregory     (Paris XI University, Orsay)
Gluon scattering amplitudes/Wilson loop duality in N=4 SYM and beyond

Kotikov Anatoly     (BLTP JINR, Dubna)
Small-x behavior of parton distributions having analytic coupling constant

Kremnev Ilya     (Institute for analytical instrumentation RAS, St Petersburg)
Instanton analysis in a Kraichnan model with quenched velocity field

Lipatov Lev      (NRI, St Petersburg)
Scattering amplitudes and anomalous dimensions of twist-2 operators in N=4 SUSY

Mikhailov Sergey     (BLTP JINR, Dubna)
ERBL and DGLAP kernels for transversity distributions: two-loop calculations in covariant gauge

Mir-Kasimov Rufat     (BLTP JINR, Dubna)
Localized states of elementary systems and commutativity of the relativistic position operators

Missarov Mukadas     (Kazan State University)
Algebraic and dynamical features of the hierarchical renormalization group

Nalimov Mikhail     (St Petersburg University)
A progress in instanton analysis of dynamic models

Nesterenko Alexander     (BLTP JINR, Dubna)
On the low-energy behavior of the Adler function

Peschel Ingo      (Freie University, Berlin)
Entanglement in numerical and statistical physics

Pis'mak Yury     (St Petersburg University)
Modelling of interaction of QED fields with macroscopic material objects

Pivovarov Alexei      (INR RAS, Moscow)
On resummation of PT series in time-like momentum region

Povolotsky Alexander      (DIAS, Dublin)
From Vicious Walkers to TASEP

Prudnikov Pavel      (Omsk State University)
Renormalization-group description of nonequilibrium critical short-time relaxation processes

Ravindran Vajravelu     (Harish-Chandra Research Institute, India)
Threshold resummation beyond two loops in QCD

Remecky Richard     (IEP, SAS Kosice)
Helicity and Kolmogorov Scaling in Fully Developed Turbulence

Robaschik Rolf Dieter     (Brandenburgische Technische Universitaet, Germany)
Target mass corrections for diffractive DIS

Rodgers Geoffrey John     (Brunel University, United Kingdom)
Growing Networks

Ruelle Philippe     (Louven-la-Nove, Belgium)
Logarithmic Conformal Field Theory

Savitskaya Natalia      (NPI, St Petersburg)
New type of self-organization on complex networks

Schuetz Guenter     (Juelich, Germany)
Exact results for the TASEP from random matrix theory

Sinai Yakov     (ITP RAS, Chernogolovka)
Limit distribution for trigonometric sums and the RG method

Skalozub Vladimir     (Dnepropetrovsk National University, Ukraine)
Renormalization group relations and searching for Z' at LEP2

Slavnov Andrey     (Steklov Institute of Mathematics RAS, Moscow)
New Lorenz-invariant formulation of the Yang-Mills theory

Smirnov Vladimir     (Nuclear Physics Insitute of Moscow State University)
The method of Mellin-Barnes representation in RG calculations

Solovtsova Olga     (Gomel Technical University, Belarus)
Analytic approach in QCD and hadronic decays of tau-lepton

Spiridonov Vyacheslav     (BLTP JINR, Dubna)
Self-similarity in quantum mechanics, solitons, and Coulomb gases

Stefanis Nikolaos     (ITP II, Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany)
A walk in analytic QCD perturbation theory

Sternheimer Daniel      (Keio University, Japan)
Deformation quantization and cohomological renormalization

Sukhanov Aleksandr     (JINR, Dubna)
Golubjeva Olga      (PFUR, Moscow)
Effective action in quantum generalization of statistical thermodynamics

Tadic Bosiljka     (Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana)
Transport Processes on Complex Networks

Tarasov Oleg     (II ITP, University of Hamburg)
New relations between Feynman diagrams

Teryaev Oleg     (BLTP JINR, Dubna)
Beta function as an infrared phenomenon

Valenzuela Cristian      (Universidad Catolica de Chile)
Analytic QCD and Power Corrections

Vladimirov Alexey     (BLTP JINR, Dubna)
Ressumation of singular part of GPD in chiral perturbation theory

Weber Alexej     (ITP Heidelberg, Germany)
Critical Behavior of a General O(n) symmetric Model of two n-Vector Fields in D=4-2ε

Weyer Holger      (IP, University of Mainz, Germany)
Quantum Einstein Gravity, Background Independence, and Asymptotic Safety

Zaitsev Sergey     (IMT RAS, Chernogolovka)
Numerical RG analysis of SOC in Low Temperature Creep


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