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Problems 2.1, 2.3, 2.13 2.15 p.71 . 11.10 18.00 4. : . 3 e . 2.4 2.10, 3.1 3.4. residual symmetry 40 41.

A342 , 1980, 261 282 with Ch. Stoyanov, A.I. Vdovin .
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Hopf algebra structure on U q sl 2 . 14.30 George
PT symmetric Hamiltonians. 15.35 Peter E. Zhidkov JINR 20 min Eigenvalue expansions associated with nonlinear Schrö dinger equations. 16.15 16.45 Coffee Break Chairperson: S. Nishiyama 16.45 D. Lebedev Russia 30 min Integral representations for the eigenfunctions of quantum open and periodic Toda chains from

Bogoliubov s crucial contribution to the construction of the microscopic theory of superconductivity was not recognized immediately.
K. Polivanov, A. N. Tavkhelidze and his other disciples. At that time I was busy with my thesis and did not participate in this cycle of works. 2. Foundation of the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics and the First Years of Its Existence In March 1956, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research JINR was established on the basis of the

Samsung in 1999 , and as emitters in the electronic microscopy.
This fact means that it could be rotated by the angle of 2 p 5 around the center of each pentagon and reflected in the mirror located on the each plane of its symmetry. Another class of spherical fullerenes like C140 and C260 proposed in lacks the mirror symmetry h, and their maximum symmetry group is icosahedral

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Purple bacteria have been extensively studied as a means to understanding the processes involved in photosynthesis.
B is the final electron acceptor at this stage, and the reduced Q B molecule serves as the electron carrier to the Cyt bc1 complex. The RC structures from photosynthetic bacteria are described schematically in Figs.2 4. Figure 4 . Schematic representation of the X ray structure of Rp. viridis RC showing two symmetrical subunits of the

DGLAP evolution equations for the gluon and structure function exponents and determination of the
On some features of color confinement 11:30 Kleinert Hagen Inst. fuer Theor . Physik , Freie Universitä t Berlin , Germany Multivalued fields 12:10 Ivanov Evgeny JINR Landau Models on Supermanifolds June 26 09:00 Levai Peter MTA KFKI RMKI, Hungary Could we find quark gluon plasma in pp collision at

DGLAP evolution equations for the gluon and structure function exponents and determination of the
JINR TBA June 26 09:00 Kataev Andrei Moscow , Russia Polarized deep inelastic scattering and the quest of light quark flavour asymmetry 09:40 Zakharov Valentin ITEP, Moscow , Russia TBA 10:20 Minkowski Peter ITP, University of Bern , Switzerland

Journal of Physics, Conf. Ser. 129 2008 012011 D.V.
Kolesnikov, O. G. Sadykova, and V. A. Osipov Enhancement of thermoelectric figure of merit in zigzag graphene nanoribbons with periodic edge vacancies Int. J. Mod. Phys. B 31, 1750124 2017 D.V.Kolesnikov, D.A.Lobanov, V.A.Osipov, The effect of electronphonon interaction on the thermoelectric properties of defect zigzag nanoribbons

Clinical trials show that of all the currently employed treatment modalities,
A theoretical investigation of cancer growth under immunological activity has a long history . Most of the known models consider dynamics of two main populations: effector cells and tumor cells. The behavior of cancer growth under the effect of immunity as well as the effect of therapy was the central point of these investigations.

Pincak, Experimental Analysis of the Prediction Model
Concept of BIons in M theory. , In International Journal of Theoretical Physics doi: A. Sepehri, R. Pincak, A.F. Ali, Emergence of F R gravity analogue due to defects in graphene. , European Physical Journal B, vol. 89, 250 2016 doi: N. Tomasovicova, ..., R. Pincak, P. Kopcansky, Biasing a ferronematic a new way to detect weak magnetic field ,

Schmelzer Priezzhev preferably via Email: till end of
Rostock, 18051 Rostock, Germany. In order to be included into the proceedings, the following necessary but not sufficient requirements have to be fulfilled: One printed version of the paper including the figures A discette with the texfile of the manuscript and .pcx , .gif , .ps or .eps files of the figures.

July, 2003. avi, 272MB avi, 111MB avi, 434MB . .
July, 2005. avi, 636MB avi, 499MB avi, 674MB avi, 727MB avi, 690MB avi, 691MB .. September, 2006. avi Related paper: V. Kazakov Non perturbative effects in non critical string theories. July, 2003. avi, 484MB avi, 461MB Related paper: July, 2004. avi, 621MB Transparencies: . ,

France : Process of Crystallization of Bacteriorhodopsin in
So, please, submit us your proposals for contributions e.g. cooling and heating , confirmations or corrections to the list given below in due course till the end of December, 2011. Some contributions, which have been already proposed by different colleagues partly already last year but could not be presented by different reasons ,

The remaining time not covered by the program is reserved for mutual discussions and direct co operation.
With respect to nuclear theory, particular attention will be directed to a theoretical description of bubble formation and growth in expanding nuclear systems. As a fourth direction, a comprehensive discussion of peculiarities of phase formation under time varying external conditions is planned to be continued.

Systems with Composition Gradients Naoum M. Kortsenstein,
Model 45 minutes Aram S. Shirinyan Cherkassy, Ukraine : Nucleation, Phase Separation and the Possibility of Existence of Metastable States in Small Volumes 45 min Laszlo Granasy Budapest, Hungary : The Diffuse Interface Model of Nucleation: Basic Ideas and Application to the Free Energy of Small Clusters

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I worked as a scientific secretary of the Physical
Brussels, Conference, EUCAS 2007, Sept.16 21, 2007 Denmark, Denmark Technical University, May 10 17, 2007, Collaborative research. Germany, Jena, Jena university, July, January, 2006, August 2004 Heisenberg Landau Program, Oct. Dec., 1998, DAAD Grant. Iran, Zanjan, IASBS, May 29 June 5, 2007, CMP conference,

Municipal award for the young in domain of Science,
Studied the magnetophotogalvanic effect in the strained planar heterojunctions 1998 2001 Doctoral Student Institute of Applied Physics, Academy of Sciences of Moldova Theoretical study of the electronic structure of strained quantum wells, superlattices and heterojunctions based on narrow gap semiconductors 1995 1998

M. Smirnov Moscow, Russia , R. S. Berry Chicago, USA :
Gibbs and van der Waals: A New Approach to Nucleation Theory Ivan S. Gutzow Sofia, Bulgaria : A New Approach to Nucleation Theory: Application to Bubble Formation in Liquid Gas Solutions Vladimir M. Fokin St. Petersburg, Russia : Estimation of Crystal Liquid Surface Energy by Dissolution of Subcritical

Symposium was supported by the Russian Science Foundation.
It was held within the framework of the Heisenberg Landau program and with the support of Russian Science Foundation. Workshop Supersymmetries and Quantum Symmetries 25 30 July, Dubna A regular workshop of the JINR theorists and their German colleagues within the Heisenberg Landau program was attended by about 50 scientists from

Quantum nonequilibrium approach for fast electron transport in open systems:
Effect of the magnetic field on the edge states of zig zag single wall carbon nanotubes , Physics Letters A 2013 377 2384 R. Pincak, J. Smotlacha, Analogies in electronic properties of graphene wormhole and perturbed nanocylinder , Eur. Phys. J. B 2013 86: 480 R. Pincak, J. Smotlacha, M. Pudlak, Electronic properties of disclinated nanostructured cylinders ,

Magnetars 16.20 17.00 Shakura N. The 35 days cycle in
Physics in the Modern Cosmology 15.45 16.30 Lukash V. N. ASC, Moscow, Russia Cosmological Model: Observations and Theory 16.30 17.00 Coffee break 17.00 17.30 Kuzmichev V. V. BITP, Kiev, Ukraine Quantum Friedmann Universe 17.30 18.15 Sazhin M. SAI MSU, Moscow Modern status of gravitational lensing 18.15 18.35

It covers the costs of transportation by car from
Korchemsky LPTHE, Orsay and BLTP, JINR , L. Lipatov PNPI, St.Petersburg , L.Lusanna INFN, Firenze , J. Moffat Univ. of Toronto , V. Miransky ITP, Kiev , S. Odintsov Tomsk Ped. Univ. , J. Patera Univ. de Montreal , A. Perelomov ITEP, Moscow , R. Peschanski Saclay , L. Prokhorov St.Petersburg Univ. ,

Russia : Kinetics of Bubble Formation in Superheated
Determination of the crystal liquid surface energy from nucleation experiments 45 min. 4. Oleg V. Potapov Grebenshchikov Institute of Silicate Chemistry, St. Petersburg, Russia : New Data on the Crystal Nucleation in Glasses of Compositions close to 45 min 5. Jrg Mller Technische Universitt Dresden :

Russia V. Lotoreichik St. Petersburg State University of
Moscow, Russia A. Korol Ioffe Physical Technical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, Frankfurt am Main, Germany Z.Ya. Kosakovskaya Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics RAS, Moscow, Russia A. Koshelev Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, USA V.M. Kovalev

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Hard x ray emission by atomic clusters in an intense femtosecond laser field at the collective recombination
Critical magnetodynamics in quantum dots arrays 13:15 15:00 Lunch Afternoon session: 15:00 17:00 Terahertz emission JJ 1 T. Koyama Univ. Tohoku, Japan Theory for THz Emission in Intrinsic Josephson Junctions M. Machida JAEA, Tokyo, Japan Quantum Synchronization and Electromagnetic Wave Emission in Intrinsic

Department the separate volume was devoted to the recollections about
V.B.Priezzhev, D.V.Shirkov, L.M.Soroko and scientists from Moscow and Novosibirsk Universities, who prepared interesting demonstration materials to be displayed at personal computers. International Workshop on Problems of Supersymmetry and Quantum Groups 15 20 July, Dubna More than 40 participants discussed the topics:

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K.N. Pichugin, R.G. Nazmitdinov and R. Pincak, Quantum nonequilibrium approach for fast electron transport in open systems:
R. Pincak, J. Smotlacha, Analogies in electronic properties of graphene wormhole and perturbed nanocylinder , Eur. Phys. J. B 2013 86: 480 M. Pudlak and R. Pincak, Edge states of graphene bilayer strip , Eur. Phys. J. B 2013 86: 107 R. Pincak, J. Smotlacha, M. Pudlak, Electronic properties of disclinated nanostructured cylinders ,

Nanoparticles 2. Andriy M. Gusak Cherkassy, Ukraine :
Gruyter, 2014 is in the final stage of preparation. . TIME TABLE The 19 th research and scientific communication meeting will be held in Dubna for a period of one month in the range from April 1 30, 2016, hereby the mutual detailed information on the research carried out in the different groups workshop part will be covered primarily in the time from

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Dubna river the Volga s tributary , a number of smaller rivers,
Nedelko nedelko A.M. Povolotsky scientific secretary povam 7 49621 63332 T.S. Donskova secretary Tatyana.Donskova 7 49621 63448 VENUE OF THE MEETING: The workshop will take place at the

Tentative time table of ISS 97 Monday, Oct.6 Tuesday,
Deconfinement transition in interacting quark matter Levin G. Tel Aviv, Israel Quark parton content in nuclei tentative title Yuldashev B. Tashkent, Uzbekistan Fragmentation of nuclei at high energies Tomasi Gustafsson E. Saclay, France Hadron physics at Saturne Tribble R. Texas, USA Measurements of

As a fifth general topic of discussion, an analysis of different new approaches to the description of nucleation processes is anticipated.
As it has been the case already in previous years, it is expected that such a discussion will be of great use for all of the participants and initiate further common research projects. As a second direction, the meeting is aimed for a continuation of a number of common research projects under way. One of the main topics will be the analysis of the problem how the recently developed model of nucleation and growth in freely expanding matter may be applied as an adequate tool for the understanding of multifragmentation in heavy ion collisions.

Multiscale modeling of dynamics&kinetics of phase and structural transitions
Spectrum rearrangement in graphene with point defects: localization, anomalous dispersion, conductivity, and metal insulator transition Lozovik Yurii Institute of Spectroscopy RAS, Troitsk , Russia New phases and collective properties of graphene structures Makhaldiani Nugzar JINR, Dubna , Russia

Symposimum have to point in your viza request documentation the visit in
Moscow airport to Dubna and back to Moscow airport, hotel accommodation, coffee breaks, social events. The fee will be collected in Dubna. Transport and Accommodation Dubna is a quiet and pleasing town lying 132 km north of Moscow on the picturesque banks of the Volga river. Its surroundings offer peaceful rural scenery which,

HEPI Tbilisi Makhaldiani Nugzar JINR Manko Vladimir
Kalmykov Mikhail Hamburg, Germany Kapuscik Edward Poland Kataev Andrei Moscow, Russia Kazakov Dmitri JINR Khruschov Viacheslav Moscow, Russia Khvedelidze Arsen JINR Kleinert Hagen Berlin, Germany Kisselev Alexander Moscow, Russia Klimenko Konstantin Protvino, Russia Kochelev Nikolai JINR Kolganova

From Savelovsky Railway Station: Next to it there is an underground station with the same name .
Fizika devoted to nuclear and particle physics simultaneous English language translation of the journal Physics of Atomic Nuclei is available from Pleiades Publishing, Inc. and distributed worldwide by Springer . The Proceedings will include manuscripts of all talks at the conference. Each participant will receive one copy of the issues

Moscow A.B. Zhizhchenko Moscow Registration fees in
Jackiw USA A.A. Logunov Russia L. Maiani Italy Y. Nambu USA Nguyen Van Hieu Vietnam K. Nishijima Japan S.P. Novikov Russia L.B. Okun Russia I. Prigogine Belgium V.A. Sadovnichy Russia W. Thirring Austria M. Virasoro Italy J. Wess Germany C.N. Yang USA J. Zinn Justin France Organizing Committee Chairmen

Dilepton and strangeness production probed with HADES 10:00
Quantum simulations of strongly coupled electromagnetic and quark gluon plasmas 16:20 16:40 Boris Kerbikov: Quark correlations in a magnetic background field: square root vs. linear B dependence 17:00 break & collecting questions regarding CPOD for later discussion Friday chairman: Jorgen Randrup session:

A layout of the six day conference program includes 34 plenary lectures 40 minutes duration scheduled for the six morning sessions.
The conference program will include review talks at plenary sessions and original contributions at several parallel sections. The conference language will be English. Participation in the Bogolyubov Conference is by invitation only. Important deadline dates Early fee Registration Abstract submission

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