Meetings in BLTP: 1993

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  • The 43rd International Conference on Nuclear Spectroscopy and Nuclear Structure
    (20-23 April, Dubna)
    The programme of the conference covered the problems of atomic nucleus physics, low and intermediate energy physics related to the nuclear structure. Among them there were experimental investigations of beta-decay schemes of atomic nuclei, investigations of exotic nuclei, study of giant resonances and theoretical analysis of various processes in atomic nuclei.

  • International Workshop QCD at Finite Temperature. Bound States and Nuclear Dynamics.
    (20-22 May, Dubna)
    A regular workshop of the JINR theorists and their German colleagues within the Heisenberg-Landau program was devoted to QCD-motivated models in the theory of low-energy hadron interactions and nuclear dynamics. It was the second time that Dubna received scientists from research centers at Bohum, Julich, Oldenburg, Tubingen, Regensburg, and from Moscow, Baku, Saratov, Samara, Irkutsk. The participants discussed the latest results of joint studies.

  • International Workshop Symmetry Methods in Physics in memory of Professor Ya.A.Smorodinsky
    (6-10 July, Dubna)
    The main topics of the workshop were defined by scientific interests of Professor Ya.A.Smorodinsky and included: dynamical symmetry and super-integrable systems, special functions and group representation theory, Lie symmetries and the few-body problems, geometric methods in quantum theory, quantum optics and coherent states, quantum algebras and groups, symmetry methods in nuclei, new applications.
    The leading scientists from JINR, Kurchatov Institute, Lebedev Physical Institute, IHEP (Protvino), Moscow and St.Petersburg Universities, and scientific centers of many countries participated in the Workshop.
    Proceedings of the Workshop was published by the JINR Publishing Department.

  • The 2nd School-Seminar Secrets of Quantum and Mathematical Intuition
    (12-14 July, Dubna)
    The school-seminar was organized by JINR in co-operation with the Moscow Physical Society.
    About 100 physicists (researchers and teachers) of the former USSR assembled at the BLTP to share their ideas that may clarify vague points of the nonrelativistic quantum theory, to learn the news in this field, and to discuss questions of quantum culture propagation. There were lectures read by A.B.Govorkov, A.T.Filippov, M.I.Kaganov, D.A.Kirzhnits, V.I.Lushchikov, L.B.Okun, V.B.Priezzhev, D.V.Shirkov, L.M.Soroko and scientists from Moscow and Novosibirsk Universities, who prepared interesting demonstration materials to be displayed at personal computers.

  • International Workshop on Problems of Supersymmetry and Quantum Groups
    (15-20 July, Dubna)
    More than 40 participants discussed the topics: supersymmetry and supergravity, quantum groups, integrable W-algebra modules, twistor-like superparticles and superstrings.
    The Workshop was held within the Heisenberg-Landau program.

  • The International Bogoliubov Memorial Meeting
    (19-21 August, Dubna)
    The scientific programme covered a wide range of branches of mathematics, physics and mechanics: nonlinear mechanics, statistical mechanics, quantum statistics, mathematical physics, nuclear theory, quantum field theory, elementary particle theory. Nikolai Nikolaevich Bogoliubov made outstanding contributions to these branches of science during his long and fruitful scientific activity.
    Disciples and collaborators of N.N.Bogoliubov from JINR and scientific centers of many countries participated in the Meeting.
    Proceedings of the Meeting were published by the JINR Publishing Department; the separate volume was devoted to the recollections about Nikolai Nikolaevich Bogoliubov.

  • The International School-Seminar Hadrons and nuclei from QCD
    (August 23-September 3, Tsuruga, Vladivostok and Sapporo)
    The number of participants was about 80 from Japan, JINR, Russia and other Member States of JINR.
    The School-Seminar was organized by Hokkaido University, University of Tokyo, Far-Eastern State University, JINR and supported by Physical Society of Japan, Institute for Nuclear Study, University of Tokyo, Scientific-Technical Centre of Control and Using of Physical Fields and Radiation, Academy of Sciences of Russia.
    The main subjects of physics in the School--Seminar were: effective theories of QCD, chiral properties of hadrons, relativistic heavy ion reactions and quark-gluon plasma, nuclear matter at high temperature and density, quark structures of hadrons and nuclei, heavy quarks and weak interactions, hyperon interactions and hypernuclei, relativistic nuclear theories, experimental studies of hadron structure.
    The Proceedings were published by the World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd.

  • The International Symposium Dubna Deutron-93
    (14-18 September, Dubna)
    The Symposium was organized by JINR.
    The scientific program included the topics: study the deutron structure at small distances in hadron-deuteron interactions with polarized and unpolarized beams; study of the deuteron structure in lD and gamma D interactions; study of the NN-interaction; future experimental investigation of the deuteron structure and polarization program for future accelerators (CEBAF, CERN, COSY, DESY, SATURN); the investigations with polarized HeIII beams.
    Proceedings of the Symposium were published by the JINR Publishing Department.

  • The CERN-JINR European School on High Energy Physics
    (14-24 September, Zakopane (Poland))
    The programme of the School included courses of lectures on the recent problems of high energy physics. Among the lectures and discussion leaders were scientists of the BLTP D.Yu.Bardin, S.M.Bilenky, D.I.Kazakov, A.N.Sissakian.
    Proceedings of the School were published by the CERN Scientific Information Service.

  • International Workshop Quantum Nonlinear Phenomena in Optics and Condensed Matter
    (5-8 October, Dubna)
    More than 50 specialists from JINR, scientific centres of Russia and Denmark discussed various aspects of quantum spectroscopy of condensed matter, nonclassical states in optics and new theoretical and mathematical methods in quantum nonlinear dynamics.
    The Workshop was sponsored by the Institute of Spectroscopy of the Russian Academy of Sciences and D.S.Rozhdestvensky Optical Centre (St.Petersburg).

  • The 6th International Seminar Gravitational Energy and Gravitational Waves
    (26-30 October, Dubna)
    Among the questions discussed at the Seminar were the conservation laws in the general theory of relativity and in some other gravitation theories, theoretical aspects of gravitational waves and experimental observation of gravitational waves.
    Proceedings of the Seminar were published by the JINR Publishing Department.

  • International Workshop Heavy-Light Quark Bound States and Symmetries
    (8-12 December, Dubna)
    Participants of the Workshop from JINR and scientific centres of Austria, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Japan discussed properties and electroweak decays of hadrons constructed from heavy quarks, QCD sum rules, weak decays with CP violation, heavy quarkonium properties.
    The Workshop was held within the framework of the Heisenberg-Landau program.

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