The posters should have the size 100 cm (height) by 80 cm (width)

Poster session Thursday, July 10

M. Afanasova
Electron kinetics in composite InAs/AlSb structure with two-dimensional degenerated electron gas

O.Yu. Andreeva
Infuence of inhomogeneity parameters and position on vortex structure in long Josephson junction

T.L. Boyadjiev
Critical current of a long Josephson 0-$\pi$ junction in magnetic field

O. Chalaev
Anisotropic conductivity of a diffusive matter in the presence of Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit coupling

A. Yu. Cherny
1) Revealing inner structure of the polycarbosilane dendrimers from SANS data: model approach
2) Dynamic structure factor and drag force in 1D Bose gas

B. Colin
Detecting entangled states in graphene via crossed Andreev reflection

A.B. Dubois
Electron - electron interactions and anomalies in the landau quantization damping

M. Dyneikan
Explanation of the formation dynamics of the bound state with an ionic implantation

M. Fardmanesh
1) Investigation of the I-V characteristics of high-Tc superconducting YBCO Josephson junction arrays
2) Effect of the nano-structure Cu-Carbon composite absorber layer on the response of superconductive YBCO TEBs

C. Gadermaier
Ultrafast relaxation in MoSI nanowires

P.M. Grant
Electronic properties of cuprous and ferrous monoxides

D.R. Gulevich
Superconducting THz electronics with Josephson vortices

M. Hamdipour
Breakpoint region structure in the current-voltage characteristics of layered superconductors

V.L. Katkov
Band structure effect on field emission of graphite nanotubes, graphene, and crystalline graphite

S.-J. Kim
Peculiar periodic peaks in two Bi-2212 stacks with incident magnetic fields

N. Klenov
Dynamics and eigenstates of nSQUID

M. Kolahchi
The behaviour of the SET-resonator system in the strongly coupled classical regime

D. V. Kolesnikov
Properties of van Hove singularities in capped carbon nanotubes

V.N. Kondratyev
1) Shells in magnetized nano-dots
2) Thermal explosion of nano-droplets of noble gas atoms

V. Kornev
Possible solution for high linearity Josephson-junction array

Z.Ya. Kosakovskaya
Nonlinear interlayer transport in the aligned carbon nanotube films and graphite

G. Kumar
Surface plasma wave excitation over a plasma cylinder

U. Kutliev
1) Sputtering of ionic water at the bombardment by Ar+
2) Investigation of sputtering of atomic clusters at the bombardments by ar ions of the surface Au(111) covered by ice films

I.S Lobanov
Two particle scattering on pencil of rays

V. Lotoreichik
Approximation of point perturbations on finite set of Laplace-Beltrami operator on Riemannian manifold

M. Lu-Dac
Dynamics in mesoscopic superconducting rings: relaxation process and vortex-antivortex pairs

A.E. Madison
Self-assembling, hierarchy and architectures of carbon nanoobjects

M.M. Maslov
Theoretical studies on the cubane chains, networks and bulks

H. Matsumoto
Numerical simulations of THz emission from intrinsic Josephson junctions

T. Matsuura
Charge density wave circulating current in NbSe$_3$ rings
observed by measuring shapiro interference

V.F. Morozov
Theory of stretching of single-molecule dsDNA attached to nano- particle

A. Namiranian
Nonlinear effect in conductance of a finite-length armchair single-wall carbon nanotube due to presence of a single impurity: An analytical study

H. Nobukane
Observation of quantum fluctuation in nano Sr$_2$RuO$_4$ p-wave superconductors

A. Orlov
Interlayer tunneling spectroscopy of NbSe3 at high magnetic fields

V. Pavlenko
Coherent responses of Bi-2212 stacked junctions to sub-terahertz radiation under magnetic field oriented across the layers

S.V. Pereverzev
Ultra-sensitive hot-electron nanobolometer for terahertz astrophysics

S. Postnov
Self-consistent theory for nonlinear optical responce of metal nanofilms

M. Pudlak
Electronic properties of double-layer carbon nanotubes

P. Pyatkovskiy
Polarization function and plasmons in graphene with a finite gap in the quasiparticle spectrum

D. Ryzhov
Multi-vortex configurations in mesoscopic superconductors: electronic structure and heat transport

A. Saffarzadeh
Exchange coupling between two ferromagnetic electrodes

A.V. Samokhvalov
Vortex states induced by proximity effect in multiply connected ferromagnet-superconductor systems

H.A. Sarkisyan
Interband transitions in narrow gap InSb spherical layer quantum dot in presence of electric field

A. Sergeev
Effects of disorder on electron-phonon kinetics and transport in low-dimensional conductors

N. Shahtahmassebi
Transport properties of an electrode-C60-electrode system

S.N. Shevchenko
Theoretical study of the multi-photon excitations in Josephson-junction qubits coupled to resonant circuit

O.V. Sidorov
Nanotransition in rigid-rod polymer-based fibers with non-linear optical properties

M.A. Silaev
Conductance enhancement due to the resonant tunneling into the subgap vortex core states in normal metal/superconductor ballistic junctions

O. Smyrnov
Exciton states in single-walled carbon nanotubes

A. Valizadeh
Dynamics of a triangular single-plaquette Josephson-junction array

U. Verma
Short pulse laser third harmonic generation in a tunnel ionizing gas

N. Vlasii
Finite-temperature induced quantum numbers on graphitic nanocones