The schedule for express Moscow-Sheremetyevo-Moscow (PDF)

The schedule for express Moscow-Domodedovo-Moscow (PDF)

The scheme of Moscow Metro (PDF)
The train (express, local) and bus time-schedule (PDF)
Map of the Institute part of Dubna (PDF)


Moscow has 4 main airports: Domodedovo, Shremetyevo-1, Sheremetyevo-2 and Vnukovo. Domodedovo and Vnukovo are placed at the south and Sheremetjevo-1,2 at the north. So, Sheremetyevo-1 and 2 are closer to Dubna which is placed 115 km to the north from Moscow. As a rule, international flights are served in Sheremetyevo-2 and Domodedovo.

At main arrival (July 6) and departure (July 12) days, the organizing committee will provide the direct bus and car transfer between airports and Dubna. The cost of transfer is included into the participation fee. As an exception, the transfer is possible in other days as well.

In the first part of July 12 (Saturday) we plan excursion to Moscow. The excursion will finish approximately at 15 p.m.. The participants planning to depart on July 12 p.m. may take the luggage to the bus and, after excursion, the bus will deliver them directly to Pavelecky railway station (for those who departs from Domodedovo) and airport Sheremetyevo-2. The others will be transported back to Dubna.

Since the way from airport to Dubna is rather complicated (see below the transportation schemes) we



All participants will be waited near the exit gate by somebody from the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, JINR. Please look for the announcement DUBNA-NANO after you pass the immigration control and take your luggage. Then you will be delivered by buses to Dubna.

If nevertheless the participants get Dubna themselves, the following options are possible.

From airport Sheremetyevo-2 to Dubna

 Since June 16, 2008, the transfer between the airport Sheremetyevo-2 and Moscow has become much easier. The direct express train between Sheremetyevo-2 and Savelovsky railway station in Moscow began to circulate. The express has also a stop at the airport Sheremetyevo-1. The time schedule is given here. From Savelovsky railway station you can take the direct express Moscow-Dubna (price ~210 rub) which is save and convenient. The express operates only 2-3 times per day.

Departure from Moscow
Arrival to Dubna
10:05 (Sunday only)

and on Sunday evening all the tickets can be sold out in advance. If so, you can get Dubna by a local train or by bus. The bus stop is placed at the railway station square (to the right, if to see to the railway station building). Note that Savelovsky railway station has no any luggage chambers or cells. This railway station is placed near the metro station "Savelovskaya".

From airport Domodedovo to Dubna

The direct express train will get you to Moscow (Pavelecky station). The price of the ticket is 150 rub, trip takes 40 min, trains circulate every 20-30 minutes. The tickets can be bought in the airport building, in the book-office near the exit to the train platform.

Then one should get the Savelovsky railway station. The best way is to use metro (price 19 rub, no payment for the luggage). You should start from the metro station "Paveleckaya". The trip (with one transfer to another metro line) will take 20-30 min. The metro is save and convenient. From Savelovsky railway station one can get Dubna by express train, local train or bus (see description above).

Be careful with using taxi in Moscow. Use only a registered taxi which has a taxi label at the car. The prices may be higher than in West Europe. To avoid unpleasant situations, always ask the price before the trip! If the driver does not tell the approximate price in advance, it is better not to use this taxi. If you need a bill, ask about this option also in advance.

Please take into account that people in service and drivers usually speak only Russian. So, to avoid misunderstanding, we advise to write your request in advance on the piece of paper and ask for the response also in writing.

In Dubna

Please take into account that Dubna has 2 railway stations: "Bolshaya Volga" and the terminal "Dubna". Both are inside the city and have a good bus/taxi connection with any part of city. However, the terminal station "Dubna" is much closer to the Dubna hotel (~400 m) where the participants will reside. Do not use a bus to get the hotel from the terminal station "Dubna". Instead, it is much easier to get the hotel on foot or by taxi (50 rub). The taxi in Dubna is cheap and safe.

Hotels in Moscow

Hotels in Moscow are usually rather expensive. We recommend to look for the proper hotel and book the room yourself by internet (see e.g. Take into account that Moscow has a diverse metro transportation system, The metro is fast, safe and convenient (except of the peak time). So, it is not necessary to book hotel at the city center. A remote hotel can be also optimal if the metro station is nearby.