XXXII International Symposium on Multiparticle Dynamics

September 7-13, 2002

Alushta, Crimea, Ukraine

Sunday, September 8

09.00 - 09.10 Opening
Welcome speach
A.N. Sissakian,
A.A. Nechaev

Commemorative Session for Bo Andersson

Chair: A. Sisskian

09.10 G. Gustafson (Lund, Sweden)
"Life and work of Bo Andersson" (pdf, 1.1MB)
20 min.
09.30 F. Soderberg (Lund, Sweden)
"Recent developments of the Lund fragmentation model"(pdf, 465KB)
20 min.
9.50 A. De Angelis (Udine, Italy)
"Contribution of Bo Andersson to experimental multiplicity production physics" (ppt, 960KB; [pdf, 260KB])
20 min.
10.10 M.H. Seymour (Manchester, UK)
"The Lund model and its Monte Carlo implementations" (pdf, 1.0MB)
20 min.

10.30 - 11.00 Coffee/tea break

Session I. Fluctuations and Correlations
Conveners: K. Fialkowsky, V. Kuvshinov and Yu. Sinyukov

Chair: V. Kuvshinov

11.00 R. Lednicky (JINR)
"Progress in correlation femtoscopy" (, 2.5MB)
40 min.
11.40 K. Fialkowsky (Cracow, Poland )
"Fitting free parameters in the weight method for Bose-Einstein effect"
(pdf, 623KB)
20 min.
12.00 F. Bopp (Siegen, Germany)
"Charged particle fluctuation in heavy ion collisions" (, 1.0MB)
20 min.
12.20 T. Csorgo (Budapest, Hungary)
"Analytical calculation of Bose-Einstein correlations in e+e- reactions at LEP 1 and LEP 2" (, 1.4MB)
20 min.
12.40 N. Pukhaeva (JINR)
"Effects of FSI, CR and BEC at small relative momenta of particles and W-mass systematics at LEP" ( ps, 520KB)
20 min.

13.00 - 15.00 Lunch

Chair: K. Fialkowsky

15.00 J. D'Hondt (Brussels, Belgium)
"Study of colour reconnection effects in WW events"
(ppt.gz, 1.5MB; [ pdf , 980KB])
20 min.
15.20 G. Wilk (Warsaw, Poland)
"Bose-Einstein correlations as correlations of fluctuations"
(pdf, 1.3MB)
20 min.
15.40 R. Ugoccioni (Torino, Italy)
"Forward-backward multiplicity correlations in asymmetric reactions"
(pdf, 851KB)
20 min.

16.00 - 16.20 Coffee/tea break

Chair: Yu. Sinyukov

16.20 E. Sarkisyan-Grinbaum (CERN)
"Like-sign particle genuine correlations in hadronic Z decays"
(pdf, 286KB)
20 min.
16.40 Y. Hama (Sao Paolo, Brazil)
"Effects of event-by-event fluctuations of the initial conditions of hydrodynamics"  (pdf, 1.2MB)
20 min.
17.00 C. Merino (Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
"Correlation between average pT and jet multiplicities from the BFKL pomeron"  (pdf, 1.3MB)
20 min.

19.00 Welcome reception

Monday, September 9

Session II. Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions (Exp)
Conveners: T. Hallman and Yu. Panebratsev

Chair: T. Hallman

9.00 F. Antinori (Padua, Italy)
"Results from the CERN-SPS Pb ion program" (, 4.0MB)
40 min.
9.40 J. Dunlop (BNL, USA)
"Review on recent results from RHIC" (, 1.9MB)
40 min.
10.20 K. Filimonov (LBL, USA)
"Anisotropy and high pT hadrons in Au +Au collisions at RHIC"
(ppt, 1.3MB)
20 min.
10.40 S. Panitkin (BNL, USA)
"Particle interferometry at RHIC" (ppt, 595KB)
20 min.

11.00 - 11.20 Coffee/tea break

Chair: Yu. Panebratsev

11.20 L. Gutay (West Lafayette, USA)
"Experimental evidence for hadron deconfinement in [`p] - p collisions at s1/2 = 1.8 TeV" (ppt, 515KB)
20 min.
11.40 Nu Xu (LBL, USA)
"Transverse dynamics at RHIC" (ppt, 728KB)
20 min.
12.00 M. Lisa (Ohio, USA)
"HBT in non-central collision at RHIC" (ppt, 695KB)
20 min.
12.20 J. Lajoie (Iowa, USA)
"Hard scattering at RHIC: where we've been, where we're going"
(pdf, 1.5MB)
20 min.
12.40 M. Monteno (Torino, Italy)
"Results from the NA50 experiment on J/Y suppression and charged particle pseudorapidity distributions in Pb-Pb collisions"
(ppt, 1.4MB)
20 min.
13.00 G. Melkumov (JINR)
"Deutron and proton production in Pb+Pb collisions at 40, 80 and 160 GeV"
(pdf, 627KB)
20 min.

13.20 - 15.00 Lunch

Session III. Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions (Theory)
Conveners: G. Zinoviev, V. Emelianov and M. Gorenstein

Chair: V. Emelianov

15.00 K. Haglin (St. Cloud, USA)
"Charmonium breakup in hadronic matter" (, 1.4MB)
20 min.
15.20 Y. Sinyukov (Kiev, Ukraine)
"On freeze-out problem in hydro-kinetic approach to A+A collisions" (pdf,1.2MB)
20 min.
15.40 V. Okorokov (Moscow, Russia)
"Two-particle correlations measurements with STAR Detector at RHIC"
(ppt, 1.5MB)
20 min.
16.00 M. Gorenstein (Kiev, Ukraine)
"Statistical J/Y production in A +A collisions" (pdf, 1.3MB)
20 min.
16.20 G. G. Barnafoldi (Budapest, Hungary)
"High pT pion production in heavy-ion collisions"
(pdf, 1.4MB; [, 900KB])
20 min.

16.40 - 17.00 Coffee/tea break

Chair: M. Gorenstein

17.00 N. Amelin (JINR)
"Development and application of the numerical model components for nuclear collisions" (ppt, 485KB)
20 min.
17.20 V. Magas (Kiev, Ukraine)
"Hadronization and freeze out from supercooling QGP" (pdf, 890KB)
20 min.
17.40 D. Toivonen (JINR)
"Z scaling, high pT and cumulative particle production in p-A collisions at high energies" (ppt, 884KB)
20 min.
18.00 M. Calderon (Mexico)
"Spectra physics at RHIC" (ppt, 1.1MB)
20 min.
18.20 I. Lokhtin (Moscow, Russia)
"Jet quenching in heavy ion collisions at LHC" (, 1.5MB)
20 min.

19.00 Dinner

Tuesday, September 10

Session IV. Diffraction
Conveners: V. Fadin and L. Jenkovszky

Chair: L. Jenkovszky

9.00 N. Nikolaev (Juelich, Germany/Moscow, Russia)
"High density QCD, saturation and diffractive DIS" (pdf, 620KB)
40 min.
9.40 V. Fadin (Novosibirsk, Russia)
"A proof of the gluon reggeization in the NLO" (, 2.6MB)
20 min.
10.00 L. Lipatov (St. Petersburg, Russia)
"Baxter-Sklyanin representation for the interaction of reggeized gluon"
(, 1.5MB)
20 min.
10.00 P. Laycock (Liverpool, UK)
"Measurement and QCD analysis of inclusive diffraction at HERA" (pdf, 676KB)
20 min.

10.40 - 11.00 Coffee/tea break

Chair: V. Fadin

11.00 D. Shirkov (JINR)
"On the long-range and infrared behaviour of the QCD coupling function"  (pdf, 1.4MB)
30 min.
11.30 N. Zotov (Moscow, Russia)
"Heavy quark production with BFKL and CCFM dynamics"
(pdf, 2.2MB)
20 min.
11.50 A. Malecki (Cracow, Poland)
"Diffractive scattering without diffractive DIPS" (pdf, 1.6MB)
20 min.
12.10 V. Simak (Prague, Czech Republic)
"Diffractive and QCD jets in experiment D0" (pdf, 1.5MB)
20 min.

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00 Excursion

19.00 Dinner

Wednesday, September 11

Session V. Soft Processes
Conveners: A. Kaidalov and V. Petrov

Chair: A. Kaidalov

9.00 V. Kuvshinov (Minsk, Belorussia)
"Nonperturbative gluon evolution and instability in jets" (pdf, 1.4MB)
20 min.
9.20 G. Graziani (Orsay, France)
"The final result on direct CP violation from the NA 48 experiment" (pdf, 1.1MB)
20 min.
9.40 A. Valkarova (Prague, Czech Republic)
"ep Scattering at low Q2" (pdf, 975MB)
20 min.
10.00 N. Moggi (Bologna, Italy)
"Strangeness production in minimum bias events at CDF" (pdf, 990KB)
20 min.
10.20 A. Arkhipov (Protvino, Russia)
"Three-body forces in multiparticle dynamics: new sites of fundamental physics"  (pdf, 335KB)
20 min.
10.40 B. Echenard (Geneva, Switzerland)
"Two-photon collisions at L3 at LEP" (pdf, 1.0MB)
20 min.

11.00 - 11.20 Coffee/tea break

Chair: T. Csorgo

11.20 S. Troshin (Protvino, Russia)
"Antishadow effects in multiparticle production" (pdf, 51KB)
20 min.
11.40 Y. Bedfer (Saclay, France)
"DG at COMPASS: prospects for the 2002 run"
(, 660KB; [pdf, 4.8MB])
20 min.
12.00 P. Chliapnikov (Protvino, Russia)
"New results from the DELPHI experiments at LEP" (pdf, 862KB)
20 min.
12.20 R. Ciesielski (Warsaw, Poland)
"Vector mesons production and DVCS at HERA" (pdf, 656KB)
20 min.
12.40 M. Iori (Roma, Italy)
"Observation of double-charm baryons (e781)" (pdf, 1.2MB)
20 min.

13.00 - 15.00 Lunch

Session VI. QCD and Hard Processes
Conveners: J.W. Gary and S. Tapprogge

Chair: J.W. Gary

15.00 I. Dremin (Moscow, Russia)
"QCD physics at LEP" (pdf, 1.7MB)
40 min.
15.40 J. Gayler (DESY, Germany)
"Structure functions at HERA" (pdf, 793KB)
20 min.
16.00 A. Korytov (Florida, USA)
"QCD physics at Tevatron and LHC" (, 4.5MB)
20 min.
16.20 A. Dorokhov (JINR)
"Instanton model of light hadrons: from low to high energies"
(pdf, 935KB)
20 min.
16.40 A.J. Finch (Lancaster, UK)
"Recent results from ALEPH in two photon physics" (pdf, 468KB)
20 min.

17.00 - 17.20 Coffee/tea break

Chair: L. Lipatov

17.20 J. Schieck (Munchen, Germany)
"Power corrections and QCD colour factors from e+ e- event shapes at s1/2 = 14 to 189 GeV" (, 3.6MB)
20 min.
17.40 W. J. Metzger (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
"Oscillating Hq intermittency indices, and QCD" (pdf, 1.5MB)
20 min.
18.00 J. W. Gary (Riverside, USA)
"Rapidity gaps in gluon jets" (pdf, 1.7MB)
20 min.
18.20 N. Watson (Birmingham, UK)
"QCD and final state interactions at LEP" (pdf, 1.3MB)
20 min.
18.40 J. Fuster (Valencia, Spain)
"Study of hard gluon radiation in b final states and a determination of mb"  (pdf, 634KB)
20 min.

19.00 Dinner

Thursday, September 12

Session VII. Low-x and Very High Multiplicity Physics
Conveners: E. Levin, J. Manjavidze and A. Sissakian

Chair: A. Sissakian

9.00 J. Manjavidze (JINR/Tbilisi, Georgia)
""Low-x" physics" (ppt, 993KB)
40 min.
9.40 V. Nikitin (JINR)
"Production of low energy direct photons in multiparticle hadronic interaction"    (pdf, b/w, 2.0MB)
20 min.
10.00 E. Kokoulina (Gomel, Belorussia)
"Analysis of multiparticle dynamics from two stage model at e+e- annihilation into hadrons" (pdf, 537KB)
20 min.
10.20 V. Ouvarov (Protvino, Russia)
"Study of charged multiplicity hadronic three jet events at LEP"
(pdf, 384KB)
20 min.
10.40 A. Malakhov (JINR)
"Selected problems of relativistic nuclear physics and multiple particle production" (ppt, 13.4MB)
20 min.

11.00 - 11.20 Coffee/tea break

Chair: J. Manjavidze

11.20 A. Sissakian (JINR)
"Thermalization processes at high energy hadron collisions"
(ppt, 697KB)
20 min.
11.40 L. Jenkovszky (Kiev, Ukraine)
"On very high multiplicity distribution" (pdf, 481KB)
20 min.
12.00 Yu. Kulchitsky (JINR)
"Possibility of energy correlators for VHM events study with ATLAS at LHC"    (pdf, b/w, 1MB)
20 min.
12.20 A. Baldin (JINR)
"Analysis of self-similar solutions and asymptotic properties of hadron production in relativistic nuclear collisions"  (pdf, b/w, 572KB)
20 min.
12.40 J. Gayler (DESY, Germany)
"Experimental approach to low x at HERA" (pdf, 230KB)
20 min.
13.00 V. Bolotov (Moscow, Russia)
"The study multiparticles decays on Ïstra+" setup at IHEP accelerator"
(will be available soon in b/w variant)
20 min.

13.20 - 15.00 Lunch

Session VIII. Astroparticle Physics
Convener: V. Kuzmin

Chair: I. Dremin

15.00 A. Kusenko (Los Angeles, USA)
"Interactions of ultrahigh-energy neutrinos" (pdf, 900KB)
20 min.
15.20 E. Kuraev (JINR)
"Disoriented chiral condensate: possible applications" (pdf, 1.6MB)
20 min.
15.40 G. Wilk (Warsaw, Poland)
"Power-like abundance of elements in Universe" (pdf, 1.2MB)
20 min.


Chair: G. Gustafson

16.00 A. Korytov (Experiment) (ppt, 26 MB; pdf, 14.2MB) 40 min.
16.40 V. Kuvshinov (Theory) 40 min.

Chair: A. Sissakian

17.20 Bo Anderson Awarding 10 min.

A.N. Sissakian


Friday, September 13