Information about Proceedings

The Workshop Proceedings will be published in a separate volume of the journal

Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

Original contributions from the participants of the Workshop are welcomed. All manuscripts will be subject to referring. When sending your texts for publication please observe the following instructions:

  • Deadline for sending manuscripts: May 1, 2005
  • As a rule, a size of the contribution is limitited by 15 journal (i.e., the standard TeX) pages
  • Papers written in the Russian or English languages are welcomed. Those who are going to submit also translations of their contributions from Russian to English please inform the Editor upon submission.
  • Any (La)TeX dialects are accepted

The manuscripts are to be sent to TMPh's Managing Editor Mrs. Svetlana Sushko

IMPORTANT! Please be sure to put the Workshop logo "CQIS-07" in the subject of your message.