List of Participants

  • Abrarov Dmitry(SMI RAS, Moscow)
  • Alekseev George(SMI RAS, Moscow)
  • Arbuzov Boris (SINP, Moscow state university)
  • Arefeva Irina (SMI RAS, Moscow)
    "NEC violating exact solutions in stringy models"
  • Belavin Alexander (ITP, Chernogolovka)
    "A recursive relation for N=1 superconformal block"
  • Bogoliubov Nikolai (PDMI RAS, St.Petersburg)
    "Four-vertex model and random tilings"
  • Bogolubsky Alexey (MSU, Moscow)
  • Bondal Alexei (SMI RAS, Moscow)
    "Towards classification of POisson projective varieties"
  • Boos Hermann (Wuppertal university & SINP, Moscow)
    "'Factorization' and fermionic structure of the XXZ model"
  • Boyko Vyacheslav (Institute of mathematics, Kiev)
    "Computation of Invariants of Lie Algebras by Means of Moving Frames"
  • Burdik Cestmir (Technical uniersity, Prague & BLTP, Dubna)
  • Bytsko Andrey (PDMI RAS, St.Petersburg)
    "Lattice Liouville model and its quantum group symmetry"
  • Cirilo-Lombardo Diego (BLTP, Dubna)
  • Chekhov Leonid (SMI RAS, Moscow)
    "Teichmuller spaces of bordered surfaces and algebras"
  • Chernyakov Yuri (ITEP, Moscow)
    "Quadratic algebra associated with elliptic curve and integrable systems"
  • Chervov Alexander (ITEP, Moscow)
    "Langlands correspondence and Talalaev's quantum spectral curves"
  • Damaskinsky Eugeny (St.Petersburg university of the defence engineering constructions)
    "Generalized oscillators, orthogonal polynomials and coherent states"
  • Davydenkova Irina (St.Petersburg university)
  • Derkachov Sergei (PDMI RAS, St.Petersburg)
    "The general R-Matrix for noncompact SL(N,C) Invariant Spin Chain"
  • Faddeev Ludwig (PDMI RAS, St.Petersburg)
    "Discrete evolution for the zero modes of quantum Liouville model"
  • Feher Laszlo (KFKI RMKI, Budapest and University of Szeged)
    "Hamiltonian reductions of the free particle on a simple Lie group to (spin) Calogero type integrable models"
  • Filippov Alexandre (BLTP, Dubna)
    "On dimensional reduction and relation between static states, cosmologies and waves in a class of integrable models of gravity"
  • Fock Vladimir (ITEP, Moscow)
    "Stokes parameters and clusters"
  • Fursaev Dmitry (BLTP, Dubna)
  • Gainutdinov Azat (LPI & MCCME, Moscow)
  • Goehmann Frank (Wuppertal university)
    "The density matrix of a finite segment of the Heisenberg spin chain"
  • Gorbunov Vasiliy (University of Aberdeen)
    "Chiral de Rham complex and applications to topology"
  • Gribanov Vladimir (BLTP, Dubna)
  • Gurevich Dimitri (University of Valenciennes, France)
    "Modified Reflection Equation Algebra: representations and applications"
  • Helminck Gerardus (University of Twente)
    "Monodromy preserving deformations of connections on P^1(C)"
  • Inozemtsev Vladimir (BLTP, Dubna)
  • Iorgov Nikolai (BITP, Kiev)
    "Separation of variables in Baxter-Bazhanov-Stroganov model"
  • Isaev Alexei (BLTP, Dubna)
  • Ivanov Evgeny (BLTP, Dubna)
    "Planar Super-Landau Models"
  • Kadyshevsky Vladimir (BLTP, Dubna)
  • Karowski Michael (FU Berlin)
    "The nested SU(N) off-shell Bethe ansatz and exact form factors"
  • Kazakov Dmitri (BLTP, Dubna)
    "Renormalizable 1/N_f Expansion in Gauge Theories in Extra Dimensions"
  • Kazakov Vladimir (LPT, Universite Paris VI)
    "Integrable structures in stringy sigma models"
  • Kersten Paul (University of Twente)
    common talk with Joseph Krasil'shik
  • Khoroshkin Sergei (ITEP, Moscow)
  • Khvedelidze Arsen (BLTP, Dubna)
    "Light-cone Yang-Mills mechanics: SU(2) vs. SU(3)"
  • Konstein Semyon (LPI, Moscow)
    "The deformations of nondegenerate constant Poisson bracket and antibracket on the superspaces of arbitrary superdimensions"
  • Kotikov Anatoly (BLTP, Dubna)
    "Beisert-Eden-Staudacher equation in N=4 SUSY"
  • Krasil'shchik Joseph (Moscow)
    "Nonlocal Geometry of PDEs and Integrability"
  • Krivonos Sergei (BLTP, Dubna)
  • Kulish Petr (PDMI RAS, St.Petersburg)
    "Algebraic features of integrable spin chains"
  • Litvinov Alexei (ITP, Chernogolovka)
    "Four and five point correlation functions in Liouville field theory"
  • Marshakov Andrey (LPI & ITEP, Moscow)
    "Extended Seiberg-Witten Theory and Integrable Hierarchy"
  • Metsaev Ruslan (LPI, Moscow)
    "Gravitational interaction of massive higher spin fields in (A)dS space"
  • Mironov Andrey (LPI & ITEP, Moscow)
    "Duality among matrix models: small M-theory"
  • Nakamura Yuichi (University of Tokyo)
    "non-Hermitian analysis of strongly correlated quantum systems"
  • Nersessian Armen (Yerevan Physical Institute)
    "Generalized MICZ-Kepler systems"
  • Nirov Khazretali (INR, Moscow)
    "On loop Lie algebras, loop groups, and associated Toda equations"
  • Oblezin Sergei (ITEP, Moscow)
    "Givental representation for classical groups"
  • Olshanetsky Mikhail (ITEP, Moscow)
  • Os'kin Andrey (BLTP, Dubna)
  • Ohanyan Vadim (Yerevan State University)
    "Integrability of two-center MICZ-Kepler system"
  • Pakuliak Stanislav (BLTP, Dubna)
  • Pavlov Maxim (LPI RAS, Moscow)
    "New class of explicit solutions of WDVV equation"
  • Penskoi Alexei (Independent university & Bauman technical university, Moscow)
    "Integrable systems and topology of isospectral manifolds"
  • Pogosyan George (Yerevan state university)
  • Pogrebkov Andrey (SMI RAS, Moscow)
    "Associative algebras and integrability"
  • Polyubin Igor (ITP, Chernogolovka)
  • Popowicz Ziemowit (Wroclaw university)
    "N=2 Supersymmetric Degasperis - Procesi equation"
  • Povolotsky Alexander (DIAS, Dublin)
    "Determinant solution for the totally asymmetric exclusion process with parallel update"
  • Priezzhev Vyacheslav (BLTP, Dubna)
  • Pron'ko George (IHEP, Protvino)
  • Pron'ko Andrey (PDMI RAS, St.Petersburg)
  • Pugai Yaroslav (ITP, Chernogolovka)
    "Algebraic approach to form factors in Z(n) models"
  • Pyatov Pavel (BLTP, Dubna)
  • Razumov Alexander (IHEP, Protvino)
    "Ground state of XXZ model in combinatorial point"
  • Rosly Alexei (ITEP, Moscow)
  • Ruijsenaars Simon* (Loughborough University, UK & CMCS, Amsterdam)
    "Integrable systems, analytic difference equations, special functions, Hilbert space: On the crossroads"
  • Runev Evgeniy (St. Petersburg University)
  • Rybnikov Leonid (Poncelet laboratory & Moscow State University)
    "Higher Hamiltonians of the Gaudin model"
  • Saponov Pavel (IHEP, Protvino)
  • Saveleva Svetlana (IHEP, Protvino)
  • Savrin Viktor* (SINP, Moscow state university)
  • Semikhatov Alexei (LPI, Moscow)
    "Logarithmic extensions of ^sl(2) conformal field models. Positive integer k"
  • Sevastyanov Alexei (University of Aberdeen)
    "A mass generation mechanism for gauge fields"
  • Shadura Vitaly (BITP, Kiev)
  • Shenderovich Igor (St.Petersburg university)
  • Silantyev Alexey (BLTP, Dubna)
  • Sissakian Alexey (JINR, Dubna)
  • Skrypnyk Taras (Institute of mathematics, Kiev)
    "Classical R-operators, extension of commutative subalgebras and `triality' in integrable hierarchies"
  • Slavnov Nikita (SMI RAS, Moscow)
    "On correlation functions of integrable models associated to the six-vertex R-matrix"
  • Sorin Alexander (BLTP, Dubna)
    "N=2 supersymmetric unconstrained matrix GNLS hierarchies are consistent"
  • Tipunin Ilya (LPI, Moscow)
    "Quantum groups in logarithmic conformal field theories"
  • Tolstoy Valery (SINP, Moscow state university)
    "Quantum Deformations of Relativistic Symmetries"
  • Tsiganov Andrey (St.Petersburg university)
    "On the Poisson brackets compatible with the Sklyanin brackets"
  • Tykhyy Yuriy (BITP, Kiev)
  • Vartanov Grigory (BLTP, Dubna)
    common talk with Dmitri Kazakov
  • Vernov Sergei (SINP, Moscow university)
    "Construction of exact solutions to cosmological models with polynomial potentials"
  • Vernov Yuri (INR, Moscow)
    "Test Functions Space in Noncommutative Quantum Field Theory"
  • Vershik Anatoly (PDMI RAS, St.Petersburg)
    "On spectra of Gel'fand-Zetlin algebras in representations of the symmetric group and of Brauer type algebras"
  • Veselov Alexander (Loughborough university, UK & ITP, Moscow)
    "Polynomial solutions of KZ equations and Schur-Weyl duality"
  • Vladimirov Aleksei (BLTP, Dubna)
  • Zabrodin Anton (ITEP, Moscow)
    "Hirota equation for supersymmetric integrable models"
  • Zamolodchikov Alexander (Rutgers university, USA & ITP, Chernogolovka)
    "Extended conformal symmety, integrability, and duality in boundary interactions"
  • Zamolodchikov Alexei (LPTA, Universite Montpellier II)
    common talk with Alexander Belavin
  • Zinn-Justin Paul (LPTMS, Universite Paris Sud)
    "qKZ, ASMs, TSSCPPs and all that"
  • Zupnik Boris (BLTP, Dubna)
    "Equations of noncommutative gravity"
* -- to be confirmed