The next international Workshop on Classical and Quantum Integrable Systems will be held in the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, JINR, Dubna on January 22--25, 2007. This Workshop continues the tradition of the all-Russia winter seminars initiated in the late 1980s by M.V.Saveliev (1945-1998).

The scientific scope of the Workshop covers

  • advanced methods for studying integrable systems and their symmetry properties
  • recent investigations of specific integrable models in classical and quantum mechanics, statistical models, and the theory of stochastic processes
  • new results in all areas of contemporary mathematics related to the theory of integrable systems

It is currently planned to bring together about 100 active researches in these fields. Traditionally, we expect significant participation of scientists from the Institute for High Energy Physics (Protvino), Landau Institute of Theoretical Physics (Chernogolovka); Lebedev Physical Institute and Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics (Moscow); Steklov Mathematical Institute (Moscow and St.Petersburg branches). At the same time, we welcome scientists from around the world and we hope their participation will contribute considerably to the objectives of the Workshop.

The Workshop will be organized as 6 -- 10 lectures of about 40 min. duration each day. Time for free scientific intercourses will also be reserved.

Those who are interested in participation are kindly asked to fill in the Registration Form Due to necessity to complete visa formalities, the registration deadline for foreign participants is December 15, 2006.

The conference fee is 200 EUR which covers the roundtrip transportation from the airport to Dubna, the hotel accommodation and the banquet.

The Organizing Committee has applied for a financial support from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and from the Dynasty Foundation aimed at covering living and in certain cases travel expenses for participants from Russia. A decision on the distribution of funds will be taken at the end of December 2006. Russian participants are kindly asked to send their requests by this date.

A limited number of grants is available for young researchers coming from the NIS countries and for German participants, thanks to the financial support provided by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research and by the Heisenberg-Landau program (BMBF). Typically we would expect the support to be restricted to accommodation expenses. It can be extended to (partially) cover travel expenses in exceptional cases.

For further correspondence please contact the Scientific Secretary of the Organizing Committee.