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Research Workshop

Dubna, Russia, July 9-23, 2000

General Information
The aim of the workshop to join together active researches in the field of calculations together with students and Ph.D students. Original contributions will be accompanied by lectures of experts for students.

ORGANIZERS:Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, JINR (Dubna)
SUPPORT:BMBF (Germany), RFBR (Russia), JINR and Heisenberg--Landau Programme

Topics of scientific program
  • Radiative corrections in QCD and EW theory
  • Multiloop calculations
  • Resummation techniques
  • Computer codes
  • Renormalization prescriptions
  • Masses, thresholds, etc
  • Perturbation Theory with unstable particles
  • DESY, Tevatron and LHC requirements

Preliminary Program

Organizing Committee
D.V.Shirkov - Co-chairman
D.I.Kazakov - Co-chairman
L.L.Gavrilenko - secretary

Advisory Committee
D.Bardin (Dubna)
K.Chetyrkin (Moscow/Karlsruhe)
J.Fleischer (Bielefeld)
I.Ginzburg (Novosibirsk)
W.Hollik (Karlsruhe)
V.Ilyin (Moscow)
F.Jegerlehner (Zeuthen)
J.K\"orner (Mainz)
H.Rollnik (Bonn)
P.Zerwas (DESY)

Visa Information
To get the visa in due time the participants who have not yet done so are asked to submit the data specified by fax and E-mail Visa Form (see below) at their earliest convenience, the deadline is 14 May 2000. VISA FORM (please, send by E-mail to:;

A copy of the first page of the passport should be forwarded by Fax to Mrs. Elena Russakovich (Fax: +7-09621-65599 or 65891).

In case one will apply for the visa not in one's native country it is necessary to submit a fax copy of the document permitting one's staying in that country.

JINR will forward the invitations for visa application (issued by the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs) to the participants by Fax and the original copy - by ordinary mail as soon as the invitations are available and not later than 20 May.

ADDRESS FOR CORRESPONDENCE                                                      
Mrs. Elena Russakovich:     
E-mail: ;
Fax: +7-09621-65599 or 65891
Tel.:+7-09621-63890 or 65582
    International Department
    Joint Institute for Nuclear Research 
    141980 Dubna, Russia 

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