Meetings in BLTP: 1996

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  • Conference Hadron Structure'96. High Energy Interactions: Theory and Experiment,
    (Feb. 12-16, Stara Lesna, Vysoke Tatry, Slovakia)
    jointly organized by JINR and Slovak Academy of Sciences.
    About 80 participants, with 29 from JINR including 13 from BLTP

  • Conference on Problems of Quantum Field Theory,
    (Alushta, the Crimea, Ukraine, May 12-18, 1996),
    jointly organized by the BLTP JINR (Dubna, Russia) and Bogoliubov Institute of Theoretical Physics (Kiev).
    More than 100 participants from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, the Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Israel, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, the USA, Czechia, Japan, and JINR.
    Financial support by Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and by HLP (BLTP budget).

  • 3rd German-Russian Workshop Heavy Quark Physics,
    (May 20-22, Dubna).
    65 participants: Russia (25), JINR (15), and 25 from abroad (France, Germany, the Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, and the USA).
    Supported by RFBR and HLP.

  • Seminar Path Integrals: Theory and Applications and 5th International Conference on Path Integrals from mev to Mev (= PI '96)
    (May 27-31, Dubna).
    More than 80 participants: Germany (24), Russia (23), the USA (5), Japan (5), Italy (2), Belarus (2), Canada (1), Belgium (1), Switzerland (2), Thailand (1), Malaysia (1), and JINR (14).
    Supported by HLP, RFBR, and International Foundation for Fundamental Research (Dubna).

  • Workshop on Nuclear Methods for Transmutation of Nuclear Waste: Problems, Perspectives, Cooperative Research (NMTW'96)
    (Dubna, May 29-31, 1996),
    organized by the BLTP and the Florida State Univ., supported by the Los Alamos National Lab.
    About 80 participants from Russia (44), JINR (20), and 16 from abroad (Czechia, Finland, France, Germany, Poland, Sweden, China, and the USA). Fifteen Russian institutions were represented.

  • 3rd Meeting on the Prospects on NN Spin Physics at HERA,
    (June 27-30, Dubna).
    30 participants from Germany (6), the Netherlands (1), Russia (6) JINR (17),
    supported by HLP and RFBR.

  • II Workshop on Classical and Quantum Integrable Systems. Algebraic Methods and Lie Algebra Contractions (=IWCQIS'96)
    (July 8-12, Dubna).
    50 participants from Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Canada, Czechia, Finland, France, India, Mexico, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, the USA, and the JINR,
    supported by the State Committee of RF for Science and Technology Policy.

  • III Conference Renormalization Group-96 (=RG'96),
    (Dubna, Aug. 26-31, 1996)
    Over 70 participants from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Germany, the Great Britain, Italy, France, Japan, the United States, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, Finland, Slovenia, Mexico, Taiwan, and the JINR,
    supported by RFBR and HLP.

  • XIII International Seminar on High Energy Physics Problems Relativistic Nuclear Physics and Quantum Chromodynamics,
    (Dubna, September 2-7, 1996),
    jointly organized by JINR and the Academy of Sciences of Russia,
    supported by RFBR and the State Committee of RF for Science and Technology Policy,
    about 200 participants from JINR, CERN, Russia, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, Ukraine, and the USA.

  • Russian-German Workshop Collective Modes in Fission: Regular and Chaotic Aspects,
    (Sept. 12-14, Dubna),
    over 50 participants: Russia (10), Germany (3), Italy (3), Sweden (1), France (1), Kazakhstan (1), Poland (1), Ukraine (1), the USA (1), Japan(1), and JINR (30),
    supported by HLP.

  • Workshop Supersymmetries and Quantum Symmetries,
    (Dec. 2-4, Dubna),
    35 participants: Russia (13), Ukraine (13), Germany (1), and JINR (8),
    supported by the Intern. Center for Fundamental Physics in Moscow.

  • IX Seminar Gravitational Energy and Gravitational Waves,
    (Dec. 9-12, Dubna).
    30 participants from Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, and JINR.
    The seminar was supported by the State Committee of RF for Science and Technology Policy.

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