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International Workshop
on Quantum Gravity and Superstrings
Dubna, Russia, August 28 - September 3, 2000

AdS/CFT correspondence, brane-world models, their cosmological and other aspects, AdS gravity and gauge theory integrability in quantum gravity, matrix models

Advisory Committee
V. de Alfaro (Torino University, Italy)
H. Nicolai (AEI, Potsdam, Germany)
D. Maison (Max-Planck Institute, Munich, Germany)
A. Morozov (ITEP, Moscow, Russia)
V. Rubakov (INR, Moscow, Russia)

Local Organizing Committee

A.T. Filippov (Chairman)
A.P. Isaev
D.V. Fursaev
S.Z. Pakuliak
A.D. Popov
A.S. Sorin

The list of speakers
S. Alexandrov, B. Barbashov, A. Barvinsky, V. Berezin,
A. Burinsky, E. Donets, V. Dyadichev, E. Ivanov, M. Ivanov,
V. Ivanov, K. Elsner, A. Filippov, D. Fursaev, D. Galtsov, S. Gukov,
A. Kamenshchik, M. Katanaev, V. Kazakov, S. Krivonos, S. Mayburov,
P. Menotti, R. Mir-Kasimov, A. Pashnev, M. Peloso, V. Pervushin,
I. Pirozhenko, E. Prodanov, Yu. Shtanov, D. Vassilevich, M. Volkov,
O. Zaslavskii, B. Zupnik

Workshop program

It is expected that most of the participants will arrive on Sunday, August 27. The Seminar starts at the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, JINR, on Monday, August 28, at 10 a.m. and ends on Saturday, September 2. August 30 will be a free day of the workshop and the departure day will be on September 3. The Conference Registration Desk at the Dubna Hotel will be open between 17.00 and 22.00 on Sunday, August 27, and will continue at the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics on Monday, August 28.

The participants will be lodged at the hotel Dubna on the beach of Volga river (Veksler str. 8) (it covers breakfasts). The lectures will take place at the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics which is ten minutes walking from the hotel.

Those participants who are not able to come to Dubna from Moscow airport Sheremet'evo (SVO) on their own, are kindly asked to inform the Organizing Committee as soon as possible by e-mail about the exact flight number, date and time of arrival. At the airport the participants will be met by the representatives of the Organizing Committee carrying the label DUBNA. Outside the airport the car (or bus) will be parked in front of the airport exit and will be marked "Dubna" on the windscreen. There is also a regular train service to Dubna from Savelovskyi Vokzal (railway station) in Moscow or bus connection to Dubna which starts from the square in front of the Savelovskyi Vokzal with departure times at 9:30, 11:30, 13:00, 15:30, 18:20.

Train time-table

Dubna-Moscow Moscow-Dubna
dept. arr. dept. arr.
4:54 7:24 4:59 7:34
5:36 8:15 7:02 9:43
7:15* 9:15* 8:29** 11:01**
7:49 10:23 9:52** 11:54**
10:41 13:20 10:41 13:24
12:13** 14:45** 14:36 17:17
13:05** 15:04** 16:02* 18:04*
14:02 16:35 17:04 19:45
17:43 20:19 19:09 21:39
18:22* 20:24* 20:25 23:10
20:06 22:35 21:42* 23:42*
21:53 00:32 23:14 01:40
* Express train; ** weekend train

Contact Address
Please, address all information concerning the scientific program and participation to the Organizing Committee:

telefax: (+7-096-21) 65084;

Information is provided by A. Sorin.
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