Symmetry in Integrable systems and Nuclear Physics

Tsakhkadzor, Armenia

July 06 - 11, 2015


The Conference will be held at the Tsakhkadzor Writers House.

Tsakhdadzor is a famous and very popular ski resort in Armenia located 50 kilometers from the capital, Yerevan. In Armenian the name means valley of flowers. And indeed in summer and early autumn the alpine meadows on the slopes of the mountains are covered with multi-color flowers creating an amazing patchwork of colours and scents. The mountains and forests are ideal for walks and relaxation.

The new brand ski lifts installed over the last years elevate the visitors and tourists to the top of the Teghenis mountains, 1750 meters above the sea level, where you can enjoy the crystally clear air. The three-level ropeway constructed in 2003-2006 gives a wonderful chance to try skiing both to professionals and the beginners. There is also an immaculately restored, one thousand years old monastery of Kecharis with intricately carved stone crosses.

The climate is mild and salubrious, the average temperature in August is warm (25-30 degrees C) and in January -6C.