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October 12-15,  2011  




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International Workshop "Bogoliubov readings"


Statistical Physics


JINR Dubna, Moscow region, Russia

October 12-15, 2011






BACKGROUND: Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (BLTP JINR) hosts a series of annual workshops dedicated to most important and topical problems of theoretical physics Bogoliubov readings.

The word readings in Russian traditionally bears also the meaning of the conferences devoted to some outstanding personality.

The subject of the workshops changes from year to year according to the main topics of research of BLTP. The second workshop will be dedicated to Statistical Mechanics with special emphasis on

  • Kinetics of phase transitions
  • Theory of strongly correlated systems
  • Nonlinear physics in condensed matter
  • Physics of nanostructures.


The workshop will start in the morning on October 12 and will end tonight on October 15 of 2011.




V.G. Baidakov (Ekaterinburg, Russia),

N. M. Bogoliubov (St. Petersburg, Russia),

P. Exner (Prague, Czech republic)

S. Flach (Dresden, Germany),

G.T. Guria (Moscow, Russia),

V. Krasnov, (Stockholm, Sweden)

V. M. Loktev (Kiev, Ukraine),

Yu. E. Lozovik (Troitsk, Russia),

F. Mancini (Salerno, Italy),

G. E. Norman (Moscow, Russia),

P. Prelovšek (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

V.N. Ryzhov (Troitsk, Russia)

J.W. P. Schmelzer (Rostock, Germany),

I.V. Stasyuk (Lviv, Ukraine),

E. E. Tareeva (Troitsk, Russia)

P. Thalmeier (Dresden, Germany)

N.S. Tonchev (Sofia, Bulgaria),

A.G. Zagorodnii (Kiev, Ukraine),

V.A. Zagrebnov (Marseille, France),




V.A. Osipov co-chairman osipov@theor.jinr.ru

N.M. Plakida co-chairman plakida@theor.jinr.ru

V.B. Priezzhev co-chairman priezzvb@theor.jinr.ru

V.V. Voronov voronov@theor.jinr.ru

S.N. Nedelko nedelko@theor.jinr.ru

A.M. Povolotsky scientific secretary povam@theor.jinr.ru +7 49621 63332

T.S. Donskova secretary Tatyana.Donskova@jinr.ru +7 49621 63448


VENUE OF THE MEETING: The workshop will take place at the BLTP JINR. The lunches are available in the canteen on site. Downtown cafes can be found on the website of the workshop. For more information (map of the town) see the web page of JINR http://jinr.ru or the Workshop web page http://theor.jinr.ru/~readings/2011/index.html.


BOARD and LODGING: The accommodation is arranged in the Hotel "Dubna", with the breakfast included.


LOCATION: Dubna, whose population is almost 70,000, is located on the banks of the Volga River, 120 km away from the north part of Moscow. No major highways go through Dubna, so it is nicely fitted into beautiful, quiet landscapes made up by the Volga river, the Moscow Reservoir on the Volga formed by a hydropower plant, the Moscow Volga shipping canal, the Dubna river (the Volga's tributary), a number of smaller rivers, and, of course, forests and fields. Appeasing natural landscapes are within an easy bicycle or skiing trip from any place in Dubna.  Dubna is close enough to Moscow for you to be able to leave Dubna early in the morning, spend a whole day in Moscow, and come back to Dubna in the late evening. There is a direct railway and bus communication between Dubna and Moscow. Dubna has no ecologically problematic industry. Rather it is a hi-tech city. Dubna is well-known internationally, first of all, because it is a home to one of the world's largest centers of fundamental science: the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.


WORKSHOP PROCEEDINGS AND ABSTRACTS: The submitted abstracts will be available online at the Workshop website before the start of the workshop. They will be supplemented by the slides of talks and for those interested by the extended contributions. Poster presentations especially for young participants will also be considered.

REGISTRATION: If you plan to attend the conference you are kindly asked to fill the registration form at the conference website: http://theor.jinr.ru/~readings/2011/registr.html.


CONFERENCE FEE: The conference fee to be paid in cash during the registration is 350 EURO, which includes transportation from and to the airport, lodging in a single room, coffee breaks, and the banquet. The fee for accompanying persons is 250 EURO. The financial support is possible on the request.


CORRESPONDENCE: Please, address all mails and questions to the Conference Organizing Committee:

E-mail: readings@theor.jinr.ru for talk applications

Tatyana.Donskova@jinr.ru for visa and technical support

Addresss: Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Joliot-Curie 6,

141980 Dubna, Moscow region, Russia

FAX: +7 49621 65891


The Workshop website is available at the address http://theor.jinr.ru/~readings/2011/index.html . Please send an e-mail to readings@theor.jinr.ru for all issues or inquiries not covered in this announcement and on the website.


VISA: To arrange a visa support participants are kindly requested to inform the Organizing Committee of their personal data. The Registration Form on the workshop website has to be duly filled in as well as a scanned copy in jpg-format of the passport (the main page with a photo) has to be sent before August 15, 2011 to Ms. Tatyana Donskova by e-mail Tatyana.Donskova@jinr.ru or by fax indicated above. The accompanied persons are welcome, visa support for them will also be provided.






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August 15, 2011

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August 15, 2011

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October 1516, 2011








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International Workshop "Bogoliubov readings"  2011