Accommodation will be organized in the hotel "Dubna" (Building 1, Vekslera str., 8). Hotel reservation will be done by the organizing committee according to the requests of participants.

Please communicate your preference by email to Ms. Tatyana Donskova Tatyana.Donskova at with copy to cqis at
The number of three- and two-room apartments is very limited.
Current exchange rate is appoximately 40 roubles for 1 Euro.

"Dubna", Building 1: Vekslera str. 8, 141980 Dubna, Moscow region
Tel. +7(49621) 621-25 Fax +7(49621) 658-90
Category  Price (Roubles)
Three-room apartment  3850
Two-room apartment (first class)  3087
Two-room apartment  2437
Single-room (first class)  1580
Single-room  1170
Single-room(combined in block 
with a double-room, shared shower) 
Double-room (combined in a block 
with a single-room, shared shower) 
651 (per bed)