The 7th BLTP JINR-APCTP Joint Workshop
"Modern problems in nuclear and elementary particle physics",
July 14-19, 2013

Russia, Irkutsk Region, Bolshiye Koty

General information

The APCTP-BLTP JINR Joint Workshops were initiated to promote cooperation between the Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) and the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics (BLTP) of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR). The first Joint Workshop was organized by BLTP JINR and was held at Dubna on June 18-23, 2007.

The second Joint Workshop was organized by the APCTP and was held at Pohang on April 20-24, 2008. Since then, it became tradition that each side hosts the workshop every two years. It is, therefore, natural to have the third Joint Workshop at Dubna on May 28-30, 2009 that was organized by the BLTP. During the third workshop, there was extensive discussion on possible collaborations between the two countries in regard to the NICA (Nuclotron-based Ion Collider Accelerator) project in Russia, and to the Korean radioactive ion beam accelerator. We believe that positive atmosphere for collaborations between the two countries was achieved in regard to the future accelerator projects.

In 2010 the APCTP organized the meeting and the fourth Joint Workshop was held at APCTP, Pohang on July 24-26, 2010. In this workshop, about 25 talks were presented in various fields of nuclear physics which include hadron physics, heavy ion and rare isotope physics, nuclear-astrophysics, and fundamental symmetries. The 5th Joint Workshop “ Frontiers of Nuclear Physics at Dubna” was held at BLTP of JINR 15-20 of May of 2011. The main target of the Workshop was to look joint points of the cooperation, especially in the field of the theoretical and experimental study of structure of heavy nuclei. In 2012, 8-10 of October the 6th very successful APCTP-JINR Workshop was at APCTP, Pohang. In during of Workshop many hot topics in nuclear and elementary particle physics were discussed.

The 7th Joint Workshop will contribute to further of collaboration between APCTP and BLTP. In 2013 the site of the this workshop will be located near Irkutsk which is one of the important scientific center in the East Siberia region of Russia. Due to the fact that Irkutsk is located rather closed to Korea it is very important to involve this region to JINR-Korea cooperation in nuclear physics. Along the line of the motivation of the 7th workshop, the topics to be covered in the workshop will be more detailed compared to those in the previous Joint Workshops.


1. Nuclear Reactions with Radioactive Ions
2. Structure of Normal and Exotic Nuclei
3. Nuclear and Quark-Gluon matter
4. Nuclear Astrophysics in Stars and Novae
5. Structure of Hadrons
6. Physics at LHC

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