W. SandhasAGS equations Lecture 1 (avi, 560 Mb)
Lecture 2 (avi, 470 Mb)
Lecture 3 (avi, 490 Mb)
A. JensenFew-body halo systems Lecture 1 (avi, 480 Mb)
Lecture 1 (pdf)
Lecture 2 (avi, 460 Mb)
Lecture 2 (pdf)
Lecture 3 (avi, 480 Mb)
Lecture 3 (pdf)
Lecture 4 (avi, 470 Mb)
S.OvchinnikovThreshold phenomena in three-body systems Lecture (avi, 470 Mb)
Lecture (pdf)
I. NarodetskyYakubovsky integral equations Lecture 1 (avi, 440 Mb)
Lecture 2 (avi, 490 Mb)
Lecture 3 (avi, 600 Mb)
Lectures (pdf)
D. FedorovAdiabatic hyperspherical approach to solving Faddeev differential equations Lecture 1 (avi, 690 Mb)
Lecture 2 (avi, 560 Mb)
S. LevinGeneralized Coulomb-Fourier transform Lecture 1 (avi, 520 Mb)
Lecture 1 (pdf)
Lecture 2 (avi, 520 Mb)
Lecture 2 (pdf)
Lecture 3 (avi, 380 Mb)
Lecture 3 (pdf)
A. MotovilovThree-body resonances Lectures (pdf, 3 Mb)
Lecture 1 (avi, 490 Mb)
Lecture 3 (avi, 490 Mb)
Lecture 4 (avi, 590 Mb)
A. MotovilovFour-body differential Yakubovsky equations Lecture (avi, 530 Mb)
E.A. Solov'evAdiabatic approach in quantum theory Lecture 1 (avi, 513 Mb)
Lecture 3 (avi, 463 Mb)
J. RevaiAntiprotonic helium Lecture 2 (avi, 415 Mb)
Lectures (pdf, 500 kb)
V.B. BelyaevFinite-rank approximation approach to few-body problems Lecture 1 (avi, 490 Mb)
Lecture 2 (avi, 480 Mb)
A.MachavarianiRelativistic Field-Theoretical two-body and three-body equations Lecture 2 (avi, 455 Mb)
Lecture 3 (avi, 335 Mb)
R.NazmitdinovTwo-electron quantum dots in a magnetic field: classical and quantum dynamics Lecture 2 (avi, 435 Mb)
Lecture 3 (avi, 420 Mb)
O. KartavtsevUniversal loe-energy properties of few-body systems Lecture 1 (avi, 480 Mb)
Lecture 2 (avi, 490 Mb)
Lecture 3 (avi, 470 Mb)
M.G.SapozhnikovApplication of Nuclear Physics Methods for Identification of Complex Chemical Substances Lecture (avi, 450 Mb)
Lecture (pdf, 1.6 Mb)

Some Talks of Participants

N.ShevchenkoSearch for a K^- p p bound state Talk (avi,280Mb)
Yu.BidasyukTheoretical possibilities for the existence of tri- and tetraneutron systems Talk (avi,280Mb)
Talk (pdf)
P.GrigorovA simultaneous treatment of the center-of-mass motion and short-range correlation effects on the one-body density and momentum distributions in light nuclei Talk (avi,240Mb)
Talk (pdf)
V.LyuboshitzSpectrum of relative momenta of the neutron and proton at deuteron peripherical breakup in the limit of very low momentum transfer Talk1 (pdf)
V.LyuboshitzThe process of Coulomb dissociation of weakly bound relativistic nuclei and hypernuclei within the two-cluster model Talk2 (pdf)

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