Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics
"Strongly Correlated Systems
and Critical Phenomena"

Dubna, August 26 - September 5, 1997

The Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research is organizing an International School on "Strongly Correlated Systems and Critical Phenomena", which will be held at Dubna, from August 26 - September 5, 1997. It is supposed that the School will be sponsored by the "Heisenberg-Landau Program".

The main objective of the School is to provide a good introduction to current research for postgraduate students and young research workers. Traditionally Dubna is a meeting place for physicists from East and West and we hope that the School will provide a unique opportunity for contacts, scientific and human, between outstanding researchers and the beginners both from Western countries and FSU scientific centers.

The main topics of the School are

The number of participants is restricted to 50 - 60 students of higher courses from Germany and other Western countries as well as from JINR (Dubna), Russian and FSU scientific centers.

It is also planned to organize seminars for the participants on problems of mutual interest.

The working language of the School will be English.

Preliminary list of invited lecturers:
K. Becker (Dresden)
- Dynamical charge correlations in weakly doped antiferromagnets
Chin-Kun Hu (Taipei)
- Universal finite-size scaling functions in static and dynamic critical phenomena
V. Dohm (Aachen)
- Critical phenomena in confined systems
W. Götze (München)
- Ideal liquids to glass transitions
P. Grassberger (Jülich) tex2html_wrap_inline62
P. Horsch (Stuttgart)
Yu.A. Izyumov (Ekaterinburg)
- Baym-Kadanoff technique in the Hubbard model
G. Japaridze (Cologne)
- Bond- charge coupling in one-dimensional compounds
D.I. Khomskii (Groningen)
- Spin-Peierls transitions in inorganic compounds
V.A. Moskalenko (Chisin tex2html_wrap_inline64 u, Moldova)
- New diagram technique for strongly correlated electron systems
M. Schreckenberg (Duisburg)
- Phase transitions and selforganized criticality in traffic flow models
F. Schwabl (München)
- Phase transitions and long range order in dipolar magnets
W. Selke (Aachen)
- Simulations of static and dynamic properties close to phase transitions
B.N. Shalaev (St. Petersburg)
- Critical phenomena in 2D weakly-copled spin systems with discrete symmetries
H. Sillescu (Mainz)
- An experimentalists view of the liquid to glass transition
A.I. Sokolov (St. Petersburg)
- Field theory, renormalization group, and Ising model at criticality
I.V. Stasyuk (Lviv)
- Pseudospin-electron model with strong correlations
E. Tareeva (Troitsk)
- Freezing transition in 2D and 3D by the generalized density functional theory
G. Uimin (Chernogolovka)
- Quadrupolar phase transitions
J. Voit (Bayreuth)
- One dimensional Hubbard model


P.S. The correspondence should be sent to:
FAX:   		 (7-09621) 65084 for N. Plakida
mail:  		  N. Plakida, Bogoliubov Laboratory of
                  Theoretical Physics, JINR,
       		  141980 Dubna, Moscow region, Russia.

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