XV Workshop on DSpin
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research 
International Committee for Spin Physics
Dubna, Russia, October 8 - 12, 2013


The Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research is organizing the
"XV Workshop on High Energy Spin Physics ",
which will take place in
Dubna, Russia, October 8-12, 2013

The First Workshop on High Energy Spin Physics chaired by Prof. L.I. Lapidus was held in Dubna more then 30 years ago. This was followed by the series of biennial workshops in the odd years. The recent one was in Dubna on September 20-24, 2011. The Proceedings of the workshop with talks  are available from the Publishing Department of JINR at http://www1.jinr.ru/Proceedings/Proceedings_index.html and at site of DSPIN-11 http://theor.jinr.ru/~spin/2011/.

The XV Workshop will take place in Dubna October 8-12, 2013 under the sponsorship of JINR and the International Committee for High Energy Spin Physics as a joint Dubna-Prague-Warsaw Workshop.

We hope that it offers an opportunity to a large group of physicists and students from Russia and other JINR Member States to get acquainted with the most recent experimental and theoretical results in the spin physics. 

About 100 scientists from different research centers are expected to participate.

Scientific Program
The Workshop will cover a wide range of spin phenomena at high and intermediate energies such as:


The Workshop will be held in the Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, 141980 Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia. The program of the workshop will include plenary and parallel (if necessary) sessions. Plenary sessions will be held in the Conference Hall. Parallel sections will take place in the same building. There will be invited talks (up to 40 min) and original reports (20 min). The invited speakers will present new experimental and theoretical results, and recent progress in technology.
The abstracts for reports should be submitted in text format with  the simplest Latex notations to the Organizing Committee by August 20, 2013.

The Workshop working language will be English.


The contributions (in LaTex form) presented should be sent to the Organizing Committee by December 20, 2013. The volume of an original report, including tables, figures and references should not exceed 4 pages and that of an invited talk - 8 pages. The Workshop Proceedings will be published soon after the Workshop and will be sent out to all the registered participants.

About the Town

Dubna is a quiet and pleasing town 132 km north of Moscow situated on the picturesque banks of the Volga river. There is a railway and bus communication between Dubna and Moscow. Its surroundings offer a peaceful rural scenery which, though having no famous monuments, keeps memories of the past. Two hours trip brings you to Moscow or Sergiev Posad (the Russian Orthodox center with its 500-year-old Trinity Monastery) or to Klin with famous Tchaikovsky home museum.
There is also a possibility to organize a special one day tour to Moscow or/and  Sergiev Posad on October 13 (for additional payment) if the number of interested people will be enough. 

 Transportation and Accommodation

Transportation from/to the Moscow airports  or any Moscow railway station will be provided by the organizers. Information on the arrival date, time and flight/train number should be sent to the Workshop Secretary by September 30, 2013


Accommodation in Dubna will be organized in the hotel "Dubna hotel" (see plan). Hotel reservation will be done by the organizing committee according to the requests of participants. Please communicate your preference to Secretary of Symposium indicating in Registration form. The approximate special prises for participants (in Russian rubles) are given below. The number of three- and two-room apartments is very limited. Current exchange rate is appoximately 40 roubles for 1 Euro.

"Dubna", Building 1: Vekslera str. 8, 141980 Dubna, Moscow region Tel. +7(49621) 621-25 Fax +7(49621) 658-90

Category  Special prices (new) (Roubles)
Two-room apartment (first class) 3770
Two-room apartment  3000
Single-room  1600
Single-room (first class) 2030
Single-room(combined in block  with a double-room, shared shower) 1100
Double-room (combined in a block  with a single-room, shared shower)    900(per bed)
Block (single and double rooms)   2900


In October temperature usually fluctuates from +1/5 at night up to +5/10 C in the daytime, rains are quite possible. 

Visa and Registration

The registration fee will be EUR 250 (in cash only) for participants and EUR 150 for accompanying persons. It can also be paid in US dollars. The registration fee includes: car transportation from Moscow airport or railway stations to Dubna and back, coffee breaks, welcome party, banquet, social events and a copy of the Workshop Proceedings. The fee will be collected in Dubna, during the registration of the participants. Some limited financial support might be possible on request preferably for young scientists from Russia and other JINR Member States and  European countries. Also, since the DSPIN-13 is supported by European Physical Society (EPS), it makes a limited number of travel grants available to EPS Individual Members to attend the Workshop by personal applications (see http://www.eps.org/?page=support_grants).

To arrange visa support participants are kindly requested to inform the Organizing Committee of their personal data. The  Registration Form, duly filled up as well as a scanned copy in jpg format of the passport most important pages  has to be sent before August 1, 2013 to the Workshop secretary.

Advisory body: International Committee for Spin Physics 

R.G. Milner (Chair) MIT
E. Steffens  (Past-Chair) Erlangen
M. Anselmino Torino
E. Aschenauer
A. Belov
INR Moscow

H. Gao Duke
P. Lenisa Ferrara
B.-Q. Ma
N. Makins
A. Martin 
A. Milstein 
M. Poelker
R. Prepost

T. Roser Brookhaven
N. Saito KEK
H. Sakai Tokyo
H. Stroeher

O. Teryaev
F. Bradamante*

E.D. Courant*
D.G. Crabb*

A.V. Efremov* JINR
G. Fidecaro* CERN
W. Haeberli* Wisconsin
A.D. Krisch* Michigan
A. Masaike* Kioto
C.Y. Prescott*

V. Soergel*
W.T.H.van Oers* Manitoba

* Honorary Members            

Local Organizing Committee
A. Efremov (chair Dubna 
M. Finger (co-chair Prague 
A. Sandacz (co-chair Warsaw 
S. Goloskokov (sc. secretary) Dubna 
O. Teryaev (sc. secretary
E. Rusakovich (secretary)
E. Kolganova
K. Kurek
V. Ladygin
S. Nurushev Protvino 
Yu. Panebrattsev Dubna 
N. Piskunov Dubna 
I. Savin Dubna 
O. Selyugin Dubna 


Important Deadlines
Registration and Abstract August 20, 2013
Visa application August 1, 2013
Arrival Information September 30, 2013
Contribution submission December 20, 2013

Workshop Secretary
            Mrs. Elena Rusakovich
              Workshop secretary,
              International Department,
              Joint Institute for Nuclear Research,
              141980 Dubna, Moscow region, Russia
              Fax: (+7-49621) 65891, 65992
Postal address:

A. Efremov
BLTP, JINR, 141980, Dubna
Moscow Region, Russia
E-mail address: spin@theor.jinr.ru

Last modified: May 8, 2013