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Ambasciata d'Italia Mosca




JINR Dubna



Conception of the Dubna Round Table

The end of the Year 2015 celebrates the birth of General Relativity which is very much alive and constitutes the corner stone of all current research in Astrophysics and Cosmology just as in the quest for Quantum Gravity and for the Unification of all interactions. At a small time-distance of less than a year we have the forty year jubilee of Supergravity that, in all its declinations in diverse dimensions, constitutes the pivot of modern Theoretical Physics in several complementary directions including:
   a) Model Building of Supersymmetric Theories of Particle Interactions,
   b) Physical Interpretation of the Superstring/Brane Meta-Theory,
   c) Non perturbative dualities and the Gauge/Gravity correspondence,
   d) Special Geometries and their use in Physics,
   e) Topological Field Theories, Mirror Maps, Mirror Symmetries and the multiform interplay of Mathematical Physics with Physical Mathematics.
   f) Cosmological Models, Inflaton Potentials and the quest for a mathematical understanding of the history of the Universe.
          To make arithmetic even we should also mention that 2016 is the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna.
           In view of these momentous anniversaries and of the tradition established in 2009 by the Embassy of Italy in the Russian Federation with the yearly based organization of the Scientific High profile Round Tables Italy-Russia@Dubna, the 2015 event is devoted to mostly mathematical-oriented topics in Supergravity and to their applications to physically relevant problems in Cosmology, Black Hole Theory and Particle Physics. From the observational point of view, we expect reviews on the current status of Deep Sky Surveys, Cosmic Background Radiation spectra and the expectations for Gravitational Wave Detection. From the theoretical point of view the main touched upon topics are expected to be:
   1. Generalized Geometries, Topological Field Theories. Moduli spaces and deformation theories: Calabi-Yau, HyperKähler, quaternionic Kähler and   all that.
   2. Double Field Theories and Non-associative Geometries.
   3. Chern-Simons theories and other world-volume theories.
   4. Old and new aspects of the Gauge/Gravity correspondence.
   5. Instanton, Branes and Black Holes in diverse dimensions.
   6. Inflaton and cosmological models.
   7. Born-Infeld Lagrangians and all the ways to go non linear.
   8. All other possible old or new aspects of SUGRA-related issues proposed by the invited participants.
           ORGANIZATION: As in previous editions of the Round Tables of this series we expect that the invited participants can pay their round trip air ticket from their home research funds. Living and accommodation expenses are instead covered by the Organizers, namely by the Italian Embassy in the Russian Federation and JINR. In particular arriving participants will be met at Moscow airports and driven to Dubna where they will lodge in Institute owned hotels. The Conference will take place in the International Conference Centre of JINR.