Prague, July 1 - 8, 2012


Advanced Studies Institute (ASI), SPIN-Praha-2012, is the 28th in the series of International meetings on Spin Research Programme, that began with the first meeting of this series at Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, in 1975, and continued after that from 1976 on regular basis at Czech Republic. Prague spin physics meetings cover topics related to symmetry and polarization phenomena in particle and nuclear physics and astrophysics. Characteristic feature of these meetings is:

  • to take the broadest possible view of the discipline by inviting distinguished speakers both theoreticians and experimentalists from different collaborations aiming at the research of symmetry phenomena in various physics disciplines;
  • to promote contacts among researchers with different background of physics to review and discuss present status and perspectives of their research;
  • to help to form new collaborations;
  • to help young researchers and students to take active part in the respective international research programmes.

The Conference will consist of Plenary, Panel discussion and Poster sessions. The theoretical and experimental aspects of the large high priority spin physics experiments, which are going on or are under the preparation at existing accelerators at JINR, CERN, IHEP, DESY, COSY, PSI, BNL, JLAB(CEBAF), GANIL, GSI, RIKEN, RCNP, JParc, JYFL etc. and/or astrophysics projects will be discussed.

Subjects to be covered:

  1. Symmetry and supersymmetry in particle and nuclear physics and astrophysics;
  2. Spin physics and QCD;
  3. Spin physics beyond the standard model;
  4. Spin physics in weak interactions in nuclei and atoms;
  5. Spin physics in hadronic and leptonic reactions;
  6. Spin physics in nuclear interactions;
  7. Spin physics with polarized photons;
  8. Spin structure of the nucleons;
  9. Symmetries in nuclear structure;
  10. Polarized beams and polarimeters;
  11. Polarized ion sources and targets;
  12. New projects and perspectives.