Recent Publications

  • Theory of universal differential conductance of magnetic Weyl type-II junctions

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  • Bulk-boundary correspondence for dynamical phase transitions in one-dimensional topological insulators and superconductors

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  • Magnetization-induced dynamics of a Josephson junction coupled to a nanomagnet

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  • Entanglement and Majorana edge states in the Kitaev model

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  • Josephson junction detectors for Majorana modes and Dirac fermions

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  • Transport in low-dimensional systems - Tunneling conductance, spin-Hall effect in graphene.

  • Non-equilibrium phenonmenon and dynamics in (un)conventional Josephson junctions - Josephson effect, Interplay of magnetisation and superconductivity in the framework of dynamics of superconducting junctions.

  • Topological phases in low-dimensional systems -
    Topological phase transtitions, dynamical phase transitions, entanglement measures and fidelity susceptibity of toplogical systems.


  • maiti at theor dot jinr dot ru
  • Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, 141980 Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia.