Travel information

The nearest airport is in Simferopol, capital of the Crimea. There are direct weekly flights between Frankfurt and Simferopol only on Saturdays.

PF408 Frankfurt (11:10) Simferopol (15:15)

PF409 Simferopol (16:35) Frankfurt (18:50)

Simferopol has direct air connection also with Tel Aviv and Istanbul. Transit via Moscow or Kiev is also recommended.

There is every day flight from Moscow, Sheremetyevo airport to Simferopol.

flight No Type of Plane DEPARTURE Time ARRIVAL Time Flight block time
SU 199 TU-154 08:45 09:45 2:00

From Simferopol, Ukraine to Moscow, airport Sheremetyevo:

flight No Type of Plane DEPARTURE Time ARRIVAL Time Flight block time
SU 200 TU-154 14:00 17:05 2:05

There are two (overnight) trains from Kiev to Simferopol, one leaving at 16:05 and arriving at 07:42, the other one leaving at 17:13 and arriving at 09:15. The Symposium bus will pick up the participants in Simferopol and take them to Alushta. The trains from Simferopol to Kiev leave at 17:58 and at 19:45, arriving at Kiev at 11:48 and 13:35, respectively. The alternative way is to fly to Simferopol from Kiev. There are several daily flights:

3K8249  Kiev(09.30)-Simferopol(11.30)

3K8241  Kiev(08.00)-Simferopol(10.00) - on Monday through Friday

OP3366  Kiev(11.40)-Simferopol(13.40) - on Monday through Friday

OP3364  Kiev(18.45)-Simferopol(20.45) - on Monday through Friday

 3K8245  Kiev(19.30)-Simferopol(21.30) - on Monday through Friday

3K8247  Kiev(11.00)-Simferopol(13.00) - on Saturdays and Sundays

OP3374  Kiev(13.40)-Simferopol(15.40) - on Saturdays and Sundays


  The flights schedule between Simferopol and  Kiev (airport Zhuliany) is:

8701 Simferopol(09:50)- Kiev(10:57)

8068 Simferopol(12:40)- Kiev(16:40)

302 Simferopol(18:00)- Kiev(19:20)

3018 Simferopol(19:40)- Kiev(21:40)

3K8242 Simferopol(19:30)- Kiev(21:30)

3K8246 Simferopol(08:00)- Kiev(10:00) on Monday through Friday

OP3363 Simferopol(15:45)- Kiev(17:45) on Monday through Friday

OP3373 Simferopol(11:00)- Kiev(12:50) on Saturdays and Sundays

3K8248 Simferopol(16:30)- Kiev(18:30) on Saturdays and Sundays

3365 Simferopol(8:40)- Kiev(10:40) on Monday through Friday


   The flights schedule between Simferopol and  Kiev (airport Borispol) is:

106 Simferopol(12:00)- Kiev(13:00)- on Wednesdays and Thursdays

106 Simferopol(18:30)- Kiev(19:50)- onThursdays

106 Simferopol(20:00)- Kiev(21:20)- on Fridays and  Saturdays

106 Simferopol(11:15)- Kiev(12:35)- on Sundays

106 Simferopol(12:00)- Kiev(13:20)- on Mondays


The Organizing Committee will arrange transportation to Alushta (Holiday House "Dubna") for participants arriving at the airport or the railway station in Simferopol (about 50 km from Alushta). Those wishing to be met at the airport/railway station in Simferopol should inform the Symposium secretary by e-mail: or by fax: 7 (096 21) 65599/65891 or e-mail: or by fax: ++38-044-2665998 of their flight/train number, date and time. The information should reach the Symposium secretary as soon as a participant has a ticket but not later than five working days before arrival. The participants can reach Alushta from Simferopol by bus or by trolley. It takes about one hour. The address of the Holiday House "Dubna" is Naberezhnaya st. 20, Alushta, Crimea, Ukraine; tel.: (06560) 31588/31508; Fax: (06560) 35250.


This is a note which in emergency case (a participant lost or not met at the airport or railway station) could help reach the Holiday House "Dubna" in Alushta.

1. While in the airport in Simferopol you should do the following: Take trolleybus number 9 or a mini bus which drive you up to the railway station in Simferopol (it is the only one in the city). It will take you around 20-30 minutes to get to the station.

2. As soon as you arrive at the railway station, take trolleybus number 52 or 53 which will bring you to Alushta. In Alushta, please don't forget to get off the trolleybus at the stop "AUTOVOKZAL" (not final stop !) . This trip will last for about 1.5 hours.

3. In Alushta, take a taxi to the Holiday House "Dubna", just 5 minutes drive.

The official address of the Holiday House "Dubna" is Alushta, Ul. Naberezhnaya 20, tel. 3 15 88.