XXXII International Symposium on

Multiparticle Dynamics

September 7-13, 2002

Alushta, Crimea, Ukraine


The Proceedings of the Symposium will be published by World Scientific Publishing Co. by direct reproduction from the authors' originals. All participants will receive a copy of the Proceedings.
Papers should be prepared in Latex2e. Here you can download file which contains 5 files:

  • ws-procs9x6.cls - style file for latex2e
  • ws-procs9x6.tex - instruction for authors (template file)
  • ws-procs9x6.pdf - instruction in pdf format
  • procs-fig1.eps - example of file of figures
  • procs-readme9x6_2e.txt - read me file

  • A guide to authors also can be found on the web site (Proceedings style, General, 9.00" x 6.00"):

    The deadline for submission of the talk is December 15, 2002. The sizes of the contributions are:
    20 min talk -- 4 pages
    40 min talk -- 6 pages.
    The e-mail address for sending of the manuscripts is: