Vth International Workshop
April 6-8, 2000




General Information
The Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research organizes the International Workshop "Heavy Quark Physics" The Workshop will be held in Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia, during April 6-8, 2000. The aim of the Workshop is to discuss recent theoretical and experimental developments in Heavy Quark Physics.


  • Production and Decays of heavy hadrons 
  • CKM matrix, CP violation and Beyond the Standard Model 
  • Lattice QCD and Effective Field Theories
  • Dyson-Schwinger equations, Quark Models and Sum Rules

Organizing Committee


International Advisory Committee: Program Committee: Local Organizing Committee:
Ahmed Ali (DESY)Michael Beyer (Rostock)Mikhail Ivanov (JINR)
Karl Berkelmann (Cornell)Mikhail Ivanov(JINR) Valery Lyubovitskij (Tuebingen/JINR)
Garij Efimov (JINR) Valery Lyubovitskij (Tuebingen/JINR) Edisher Lipartia (JINR)-scientific secretary
Sergo Gerasimov (JINR) Thomas Mannel (Karlsruhe) Tatjana Donskova(JINR)-secretary
Alexei Kaidalov (ITEP) Henning Schroeder (Rostock/DESY)
Juergen Koerner (Mainz)
Matthias Neubert (SLAC)
Berthold Stech (Heidelberg)
Reinhold Rueckl (Wuerzburg)

Registration Form
You could registrate in on-line or send the registration form (plain file) by e-mail not later than 1 January, 1999 to hqp2000@thsun1.jinr.ru


Conference Fee
The Workshop fee 150 USD includes: 
  • a copy of the proceedings
  • transportation by car from Moscow (airport Sheremetyevo-2) to Dubna and back after workshop 
  • registration 
  • refreshments 
  • reception and conference banquet 
  • excursion 
The fee will be accepted in cash during registration of the participants upon arrival.

Dear participants, please send us your contributions to the Proceedings of the Vth International Workshop "HEAVY QUARK PHYSICS" in the JHEP-format . We attach style file JHEP.CLS, logotype file LOGO.EPS . Plenary talk is limited by 8 pages, short talk is limited by 5 pages. Please send all your files (LaTeX and PS-files) in the uuencoded package by e-mail to hqp2000@thsun1.jinr.ru not later than 15 June, 2000. 

Workshop Location


Date: 6-8 April, 2000 
Place: Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, JINR, Dubna 
Expected size: 50-60 people
Phone: (7-09621) 63143 
Fax: (7-09621) 65084 
E-mail: hqp2000@thsun1.jinr.ru
URL: http://thsun1.jinr.ru/~hqp2000/


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