List of registered talks

Aichelin Joerg Subatech, Nantes Fragment formation in the PHQMD model
Bastian Niels-Uwe Wroclaw Uni., Wroclaw EOS with quark-hadron phasetransition
Blaschke David Wroclaw Uni., Wroclaw Modern aspects of the quark-hadron matter EoS for simulations
Bratkovskaya Elena GSI & Uni. Frankfurt, Darmstadt Simulations with the PHSD for NICA
Friesen Alexandra JINR, Dubna Phase diagram in PNJL model
Ivanov Yuri B. NRC KI, Moscow Vorticity in heavy-ion collisions at the JINR Nuclotron-based Ion Collider fAcility
Karpenko Yuriy BITP, Kiev Vorticity and Lambda polarization at NICA energies
Khvorostukhin Andrey JINR, Dubna First results within HydHSD hybrid model
Kireyeu Viktar JINR, Dubna Study of Clusters and Hypernuclei production within PHSD+FRIGA model
Kolomeitsev Evgeni Uni. Mateja Bela, Banska Bystrica Complete strangeness in heavy-ion collisions
Malinina Ludmila SINP MSU-JINR, Moscow Correlation femtoscopy study at NICA energy range
Maslov Konstantin NRNU MEPhI, Moscow Delta resonances and charged ρ-meson condensation in RMF models with scaled hadron masses and couplings
Musulmanbekov Genis JINR, Dubna Hadrons in dense baryonic matter
Nazarova Elizaveta LMSU, Moscow Anisotropic flow fluctuations in heavy-ion collisions
Palmese Alessia Giessen Uni., Giessen Observables from heavy-ion collisions in the NICA energy regime
Parvan Alexandru JINR, Dubna Transverse momentum spectra of particles in heavy-ion and pp collisions with the Tsallis statistics
Roepke Gerd Uni. Rostock, Rostock Light clusters in warm dense matter
Rogachevskiy Oleg JINR, Dubna Experimental exploration of the QCD phase diagram
Steinberg Vinzent Frankfurt Ins.,Frankfurt SMASH: A new hadron transport approach for heavy-ion collisions
Teryaev Oleg JINR, Dubna Simulations of vorticity, hydrodynamical helicity and handedness
Tomasik Boris Uni. Mateja Bela, Banska Bystrica Monte-Carlo generation of final state hadrons
Voronyuk Vadym JINR, Dubna Directed flow in asymmetric nucleus-nucleus collisions and the inverse Landau-Pomeranchuk-Migdal effect
Voskresensky Dmitry NRNU MEPhI, Moscow On dynamics of the first order quark-hadron and liquid-gas phase transitions
Wolf Gyorgy Wigner RCP, Budapest Dilepton production in relativistic heavy ion collisions
Zetenyi Miklos Wigner RCP, Budapest Dilepton and ϕ meson production at the NICA fixed-target experiment