The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) organizes the Conference "Compact stars in the QCD Phase Diagram VI", in Dubna, September 26 - 29, 2017. (Cosmic matter in heavy-ion collision laboratories?)

The aim of the conference is to bring together expertise in fields of the heavy-ion collisions, QCD phase diagram, Compact Stars and on related phenomena.

The conference will cover the following main topics:

--- QCD phase diagram for HIC vs. astrophysics,

--- Quark deconfinement in HIC vs. supernovae, neutron stars and their mergers,

--- Strangeness in HIC and in compact stars,

--- Equation of state and QCD phase transitions.

Previous Meetings could be found on the website:

International Steering Committee:

Rachid Ouyed (Chair) (Canada),

Prashanth Jaikumar (USA / India),

Ignazio Bombaci (Italy),

Rodrigo Negreiros (Brazil),

David Blaschke (JINR / Poland),

Jochen Wambach (Germany),

Efrain Ferrer (USA),

Fridolin Weber (USA),

Renxin Xu (China),

Vivian Incera (USA),

Kohsuke Sumiyoshi (Japan),

Massimo Mannarelli (Italy),

Tobias Fischer (Germany / Poland),

Matthias Hempel (Germany / Switzerland).

Local organizers:

David Blaschke (JINR & UWr & MEPhI),

Hovik Grigorian (YSU & JINR),

Alexander Ayriyan (JINR),

Alexandra Friesen (JINR),

Anna Kotova (JINR).