Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) organizes II International Workshop on Simulations of HIC for NICA energies, Dubna, 16 - 18 April, 2018

The second International Workshop shall bring together the creators and practitioners of simulation codes for Heavy-Ion Collisions at various energies, paticularly in the energy domain of the NICA experiments BM@N and MPD, as well as those experts who can make essential fundamental physics inputs to these programmes.

The nature of theoretical investigations in the field of relativistic heavy ion physics requires resolution of a number of fundamental problems as well as phenomenological studies directly connected with experiments and it has to be based on a coherent implementation of a wide range of methods of quantum chromodynamics, relativistic nuclear physics, kinetic theory, hydrodynamics and critical phenomena in finite short lived statistical systems.

The workshop will be followed by a satellite meeting - Colloqium on Nonequilibrium phenomena in strongly correlated systems, Dubna, 18 - 19 April, 2018

Also, the workshop is following the second satellite meeting - First Collaboration meeting of the MPD and BM@N experiments at the NICA Facility, VBLHEP, Dubna, 11 - 13 April, 2018

Local organizers:

V.D. Toneev (JINR, Dubna) - Chairman,

D. Blaschke (Univ. Wroclaw & JINR, Dubna) - coordinator,

E. Kolomeitsev (JINR, Dubna & Uni. Mateja Bela, Banska Bystrica) - coordinator,

O.V. Rogachevsky (JINR, Dubna),

A.V. Friesen — scientific secretary,

O.N. Belova — secretary,

D.S. Korobov — scientific secretary assistant & web support.

Registration deadline: 26 March 2018