Topical Sessions

  Foundations of quantum mechanics;
  Integrable models;
  Symmetries of nonlinear differential equations;
  Infinite-dimensional symmetries;
  Duality in quantum field theory and quantum mechanics;
  Superstrings, cosmology, quantum gravity and topological defects;
  Group theory in modern geometry, noncommutative geometry;
  Loop algebras and W-algebras;
  Lie groups, representation theory and special functions;
  Quantum optics and quantum information;
  Symmetry aspect of classical and quantum chaos;
  Symmetries in particle, nucleare, atomic and molecular physics;
  Symmetries in condensed matter physics and statistical physics.
  Modern application of group theory in biology.

Partially overlapping these topics, we are planning as substructures the following Symposia consisting of several parallel sessions:

  Symposium on Quantum Groups and Supersymmetry, (co-organizer Vladimir Dobrev and Alexey Isaev )
  Symposium on Group Theory and Superintegrability, (co-organizer Ernie Kalnins and Willard Miller)
  Symposium on Symmetries of Differenc equations and Discrete Phenomena, (co-organizers Pavel Winternitz and Decio Levi)