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Recommended arrival

In order to reach Dubna from abroad, it is recommended to book flights to/from Moscow Sheremetyevo airport since it is in the north of Moscow as Dubna is. Arriving at the other airports will result in longer and more expensive transportation between airport and Dubna and should best be avoided.

For participation in the School the arrival day is August 27, as the school program starts on Tuesday, August 28, at 9:00 am with the registration followed by opening and first lecture at 10:00 am.

We plan to organize a bus pickup only for a quite large group of school participants. Other participants should get to Dubna individually.

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Individual arrival

If you arrive to Dubna by yourself, then you should execute four steps: 1) to get from the airport to Moscow; 2) in Moscow to get to the Savelovsky Railway Station; 3) to get to Dubna; 4) to get to the hotel in Dubna. The following options are possible.

From the airport to the Savelovsky railway station:

From airport Sheremetyevo to Moscow

A direct air-express train circulates between Sheremetyevo (Terminal E) and Belorussky Railway Station in Moscow, see the site for details. The trip takes 35 minutes. The ticket price is 320 rubles.

From airport Domodedovo to Moscow

A direct express train will get you to Paveletsky Railway Station in Moscow, see the web site for details. The price of the ticket is 320 rubles, trip takes 40-45 min, trains circulate every 30 minutes.

To the Savelovsky Railway Station:

Then you should use the subway, see the scheme of Moscow Metro and/or official website for additional information, and get to the Savelovsky Railway Station from the station "Paveletskaya" or the station "Belorusskaya". The price of metro ticket is 28 rub, no payment for the luggage. The trip (with one transfer to another metro line) will take 20-30 min. The metro is save and convenient.

Be careful with using taxi in Moscow. Use only a registered taxi which has a taxi label at the car. The prices are unpredictable and usually much higher than in West Europe. To avoid unpleasant situations, always ask the price before the trip! If the driver does not tell the approximate price in advance, it is better not to use this taxi. If you need a bill, ask about this option in advance.

Please take into account that drivers and other people in service usually speak only Russian. So, to avoid misunderstanding, we advise to write your request in advance on the piece of paper and ask for the written response.

By train or bus from Moscow:

At the Savelovsky Railway Station you can take a direct train or bus Moscow-Dubna (price is 240-300 rub). See the attached file with the train (express,local) and bus time schedule (pdf) as well the site

In Dubna:

Please take into account that Dubna has two railway stations: "Bolshaya Volga" and terminal "Dubna". Both are inside the city and have a good bus/taxi connection with any part of city. However the terminal station "Dubna" is much closer to the Dubna hotel (~400 m) where the participants will reside. Do not use a bus to get the hotel from the terminal station "Dubna". Instead, it is much easier to get the hotel on foot or by taxi (60 rub). The taxi in Dubna is cheap and safe.

Upon arrival at the terminal "Dubna", please, walk along Inzhenernaya street to the hotel "Dubna" (the accommodation place).

Institute entry permission and some additional rules

For entry permission to the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, you need to have your passport. According to the new regulations, laptops can be taken in and out of the territory of the institute now without any restrictions. Please, note that inside the territory of the institute and in front of the entry gates taking photos is absolutely forbidden.

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