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The Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics (BLTP) has a good record of organizing International workshops and schools in Dubna. DIAS-TH should be a sort of superstructure under BLTP which organizes and controls all educational programs for students, postgraduates, and young scientists. It should function continuously and the standard short schools (about 3-4 in a year) should be organized coherently. Other educational programs in Dubna, such as the JINR University Center and Dubna University may also be correlated with DIAS-TH (common programs on modern theoretical physics, workshops for students and young scientists, etc.).

The main goals of DIAS

  • Training courses for students, graduates, and young scientists in the JINR Member States and other countries (according to special agreements and grants);
  • Looking for and supporting gifted young theorists in the JINR Member States; creating databases of students and young researchers;
  • Organization of schools of different scales in Dubna and coordination with similar schools in Russia Germany, and other European countries;
  • Support of the JINR experimental programs by organizing lecture courses and review lectures on new trends in modern physics;
  • Cooperation with the University Center and Dubna University in training students and postgraduates as well as in organizing schools for students;
  • Coordination of the research - training programs with workshops and conferences at JINR;
  • Publication of lectures and discussions in different forms, in particular, with the use of modern electronic equipment, etc.
  • Supporting the WEB page of DIAS-TH which should become the organizing center of the programs related to DIAS-TH.

The main topics of the activity of DIAS should be centered around the most important directions of research at BLTP: Theory of Fundamental Interactions; Nucler Theory; Theory of Condensed Matter; Modern Mathematical Physics.

Additional information

Address for contacts:
Prof. A.T. Filippov
Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics,
JINR, Dubna, Moscow region 141980, Russia,
Phones: +7(49621) 666-17; +7(49621) 666-64,
(code from Moscow: 221)
E-mail: diastp@theor.jinr.ru

Bogoliubov Laboratory of Theoretical Physics