On June 15-19, 2015, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) organizes a multidisciplinary scientific forum aimed at strengthening the existing and establishing new scientific contacts between leading research centers of Brazil and JINR.

The Joint Institute is a large multidisciplinary international scientific centre where fundamental physics research is integrated with innovative technologies and education. The main fields of JINR's activity include theoretical and experimental studies in elementary particle physics, nuclear physics, condensed matter, radiation biology, computing and information technologies, detector development and R&D. The institute has a worldwide cooperation with leading scientific centers, including CERN. At present, JINR has 18 full and 6 associated member states. As an international recognition of the outstanding JINR achievements , the element Z=105 of the Periodic Table has been called Dubnium.

JINR has significant experimental facilities: currently developing a mega-science project for the NICA Superconducting Collider of heavy ions based on the recently modernized superconductive synchrotron NUCLOTRON-M; the IBR-2M pulsed neutron reactor, one of the world's best facilities for condensed matter physics; a Factory of Superheavy Elements based on a specially constructed cyclotron that will soon reinforce the unique suite of heavy-ion cyclotrons at JINR; the newly established Nano Centre; a Tier-1 grid cluster.

The institute is located at the scientific town Dubna, 120 km north to Moscow. More information on JINR can be found at the site www.jinr.ru The forum Brazil-JINR should result in finding new possible areas of cooperation.

The forum will start with a plenary session with overviews of JINR recent activities and talks from the Brazilian colleagues. Next 2-3 days will be devoted to the excursions to JINR’s laboratories with the most significant projects, where according to areas of interest several focus groups will be formed. Every group will give the local talks and work on topics of their interest. The forum will result in a concluding plenary session with expert remarks and signing of forum’s summary (resume). A social program is planned. We expect 40-60 Brazilian participants, including senior experts, project leaders, representatives of main universities, scientific centers and supervising research structures. The researchers which already have collaboration with JINR are especially welcome.


NEW! The summary declaration (MINUTES) of the Brazil-JINR Forum


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