List of Talks (doc file)

on 05/08/2017

S. Aleshin

NSVZ relation and the dimensional reduction in N=1 SQED

I. Bandos

Constrained and analytic superamplitudes of 11D supergravity and 10D supersymmetric gauge theories

A. Barvinsky

BRST structure of renormalization in the background field approach: Horava gravity and effective theories

A. Belavin

Compactification of Superstrings and Frobenius manifold structure of Moduli space of Calabi-Yau manifolds

E. Bergshoeff

Non-relativistic and Massive Gravity in Action

J.L. Blazquez Salcedo

AdS5 magnetized solutions in minimal gauged supergravity

H. Boos

Hidden fermionic structure of CFT

L. Bork

Four dimensional ambitwistor strings and form factors of local and Wilson line operators

J. Buchbinder

One loop divergences in the N=(1,0) and N=(1,1) supersymmetric gauge theories

E. Buchbinder

Non-perturbative superpotentials and discrete torsion

C. Burdik

The Bethe vectors for R-matrix sp(4) type

M. Buric

Fuzzy de Sitter space

A. Burinskii

Weakness of gravity as illusion which hides true path to unification of gravity with particle physics

D. Bykov

Complex structures and zero-curvature equations for sigma-models

S. Catto

From Clifford Algebras to Supersymmetries, M-Theory and Leech Lattices

M. Cederwall

Algebraic structures in exceptional field theory

A. Chekmenev

Conformal Lagrangians from the (formal) near boundary analysis of AdS

D. Chernyavsky

Super 0-brane action on the D(2,1;α) coset superspace

S. Didenko

Higher-spin holography from the bulk

M. Dimitrijevic Ciric

Noncommutative gravity and the relevance of the theta-constant deformation

M. Dolgopolov

Bifurcation sets in non-minimal supersymmetry at finite temperature

V. Dobrev

Positive Energy Unitary Irreducible Representations of the Superalgebras osp(1|2n,R) and Character Formulae

A. Filippov

On elementary integrating and approximating some 'non-integrable' models of very early Universe with scalar or vector 'inflatons' (results and program)

D. Francia

On higher-spin supertranslations and superrotations

A. Galajinsky

D(2,1;a) superconformal symmetry and its applications

O. Gelfond

Local Current Interactions from Nonlinear Higher-Spin Equations

A. Golubtsova

Holographic SL(2,C)-Toda RG flow

N. Gromov

Standard model at high energies

M. Katanaev

Chern-Simons term in the geometric theory of defects

V. Kazakov

Twisted N=4 SYM and Integrable Conformal Fishnet Theory

A. Kazantsev

Exact Results in Explicit Three-Loop Calculations Using Higher Derivatives for N=1 SYM

I. Kharuk

The correct coset space construction for the conformal group

A. Kiselev

Universal deformations of classical Poisson structures

A. Kotikov

SUSY-like relation in evolution of gluon and quark jet multiplicities

N. Kozyrev

Conformally flat mechanics of many N=4 superparticles

S. Kuzenko

Goldstino superfields in supergravity

Z. Kuznetsova

Color Lie (super)algebra symmetries in Levi-Leblond equation

P. Lavrov

Superfield generating equation of field-antifield formalism

O. Lechtenfeld

Pure Yang-Mills solutions on dS4

J. Lukierski

Basic quantizations of o(4;C) and of its four real forms o(4), o(3,1), o(2,2) and o*(4)

N. Makhaldiani

Supersymmetric description of the dynamical systems with applications to the cosmological problems, quanputers and zeta-functions

B. Merzlikin

Leading low-energy effective action in 6D, N=(1,1) SYM theory

N. Misuna

On current contribution to Fronsdal equations

A. Nersessian

Integrability and conformal mechanics associated with near horizon extreme Myers-Perry black holes

S. Nicolis

Probing the holomorphic anomaly of the N=2, D=2, Wess-Zumino model on the lattice

A. Nurmagambetov

Price's theorem in Gauge/Gravity duality

O. Ogievetsky

Differential calculus on h-deformed spaces

T. Okazaki

Bounds on Scaling Dimension in Conformal Quantum Mechanics

A. Onishchenko

Quantum spectral curve for twisted ABJM model

D. Ponomarev

Higher spin theories and light-cone deformation procedure

S. Pošta

Differential invariants of realizations of Galilei algebras

E. Pozdeeva

Evolution of a bouncing  solutions in cosmological models with non-minimally coupled scalar fields

A. Reshetnyak

Constrained BRST-BFV and BRST-BV Lagrangian formulations for fermionic HS Fields on Minkowski Spaces

V. Roubtsov

Monge-Ampère equations, geometric structures and meteorological hydrodynamics

S. Shin

Walls of nonlinear sigma models on SO(2N)/U(N) with N>3

A. Silenko

Proca particle in Riemannian spacetimes

E. Skvortsov

AdS/CFT in 3.99 dimensions and higher spin gravity at one loop

A. Smilga

Supersymmetric description of HK and HKT manifolds

T. Snegirev

On massive higher spin supermultiplets in D=3 AdS

D. Sorokin

N=1, D=4 Three-Form Matter and Supergravity, and String Compactifications with Fluxes

K. Stepanyantz

NSVZ relation in supersymmetric theories regularized by higher derivatives

O. Tarasov

Functional equations for Feynman integrals and Abel's addition theorem

G. Tartaglino-Mazzucchelli

Higher derivative invariants in six dimensional N=(1,0) supergravity

V. Tolstoy

Quantizations of D=3 Lorentz symmetry

F. Toppan

Superconformal and Topological Conformal Mechanics

M. Vasiliev

Higher-Spin Theory in the Local Frame

D. Vassilevich

AdS2 holography

S. Vernov

Construction of inflationary multifield models with non-minimal coupling

A. Zheltukhin

On some phases in brane matter

Yu. Zinoviev

On partially massless supergravity