How to create your own WWW Home Page ?

0. Learn something about Internet, WWW (World Wide Web), 
   HTML (HyperText Markup Language), URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and so on. 
   Good place to start is Wikipedia or the same in Russian.
   Find some HTML tutorial using Google Search.
   See, for instance, Getting started with HTML.
1. In your home directory (~/) on the  theor  create  public_html  
             mkdir public_html 
2. Use any text editor (HTML editor, ...) for creating file  index.html  
   written in HTML. Use for reference HTML 4.01 Specification
   A very simple example.
   There are many specialized HTML editors like Composer included
   in Netscape and Mozilla packages which allow to create nice Web
   pages very easily without knowledge of HTML syntax.

3. Place  index.html  into your  public_html  directory. Now your
   page can be seen via WWW browser at URL

4. It is recommended to check HTML syntax in your new pages using
   Markup Validation Service.

   If your page contains references to another Web pages or images
   it is good to check links using Link Checker.

5. Announce your WWW Home Page.