27.09.17 Seminar
11.00, Lecture hall 2nd floor
A. Mazanik
Manifestation of Kapitza pendulum in $phi_0$ Josephson junction

20.09.17 Seminar
11.00, Lecture hall 2nd floor
Svetlana Medvedeva
Chaos in Josephson nanostructures

13.11.12 Announcement
Registration to Dubna International Advanced School of Theoretical Physics "Nanostructures and Nanoscale Phenomena" is openned

13.05.11 Seminar
11.00, Lecture hall 2nd floor
Kh.Kh. Muminov
Multipole Excitations and Tunneling Splitting in Magnetic Nanoclusters

12.01.11 Seminar
11.00, Lecture hall 2nd floor
A.N. Novikov
Adiabatic transport in weakly bound Bose-Einstein condensate

26.05.10 Defence of Ph.D. thesis
15.00, Lecture hall 4th floor
V.L. Katkov
Theoretical study of field emission from carbon objects

29.01.10 Seminar
11.00, room 319
D.V. Kolesnikov
Conductance through the disclination dipole defect in metallic carbon nanotubes

22.01.10 Seminar
11.00, room 319
I. Rahmonov
Comparative analysis CCJJ and CCJJ+DC models

The registration to the conferrence Dubna-Nano2010 is opened (see here for details)

17.03.09 Seminar
14.30, small hall DIAS

V.L. Katkov
"Electron energy spectrum in multilayers of graphite"