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 Maple V - Maple Language Reference Manual 
 Maple V - Maple Library Reference Manual
 Maple V - First Leaves:  A Tutorial Introduction


B.W. Char, K.O. Geddes, G.H. Gonnet, B.Leong, M.B. Monagan, S.M. Watt. A complete set of Maple V manuals have been published by Springer-Verlag. The three publications are:
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Maple V Language Reference Manual                    $24.95
ISBN# 0-387-97622-1

Maple V Library Reference Manual                     $39.50
ISBN# 0-387-97592-6

First Leaves:  A Tutorial Intrduction to Maple V     $24.95
ISBN# 0-387-97621-3

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Maple Texts

Auer, J.W., Linear Algebra with Applications (Prentice Hall Publishing) ISBN 0-13-538349-8

Auer, J.W., Maple Solutions Manual for Linear Algebra Applications (Prentice Hall Publishing) ISBN 0-13-535-550

Bauldry, W.C., Fielder, J.R., Calculus Laboratories with Maple (Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.) ISBN 0-534-13788-1

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Devitt. S, Calculus with Maple (Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.) ISBN 0-534-16362-9

Ellis, W., Lodi, E., Maple for the Calculus Student: A Tutorial (Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.) ISBN 0-534-11874-7

Ellis, W., Lodi, E., Johnson E., Schwalbe D., The Maple V Flight Manual Tutorials for Calculus, Linear Algebra & Differential Equations 2nd edition, Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.) ISBN 0-534-21235-2

Fattahi, A., Maple V Calculus Labs (Brooks/Cole Publishing Co.) ISBN 0-534-19272-6

Geddes, K., Marshman, McGee, Ponzo and Char, Maple Calculus Workbook: Problems and Solutions (Available from Waterloo Maple Software)

Geddes, K., Czapor, Lagan, Algorithms for Computer Algebra (Kluwer Academic Publishers) ISBN 0-7923-9259-0

Gloggengiesser, H., Maple V Software fuer Mathematiker (Markt & Technik) ISBN 3-87791-439-X

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Redfern D., The Maple Handbook (Springer Verlag) ISBN 0-387-94054-5

Werner, W., Mathematik lernen mit Maple V: Ein Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch fuer das Gruntstudium. (ELBI Verlag) ISBN 3-929694-03-4